Malaysia illegal workers

3 Years Ago – February 2016, the Malaysian government gave an opportunity to legalize these illegal workers through the re-hiring program. But the three vendor companies were given the responsibility, by breaking their names, many fake agents or brokers cheated Bangladeshis. There have been many instances where the Bangladeshi workers did not understand that the fake agents gave them four or five thousand rings.

Bilkis Ara went legally to Malaysia. But because of no visa application, he has now become ‘illegal’. According to him, proper steps should be taken from now to ensure that Bangladeshi workers are not harmed in steps taken to name new illegal immigrants in Malaysia.

He said, “But we did not go to America and Canada, we came here in Malaysia, where we’re a worker here, if we go home today, we have to eat without our family.

Bilkis Ara said, within two days of Malaysia, people are catching up soon – but are not sending to the country. “They are torturing them. This should be discussed.”

“Registered people who provide accommodation for at least”.

The hard drive is running against illegal migrants in Malaysia over the past few years. At least five thousand Bangladeshis have been arrested until this year. A few years ago, illegal workers were allowed to get registered and it was listed by many people.

But due to corruption and irregularities many Bangladeshi people have also been deceived – Balkis Ara, who is one of them. After the government changes in the country, the recent anti-immigrant campaign has been strengthened.

In this situation, the country’s internal ministers announced a statement in the next five years to ban illegal workers or immigrants.

Labor Councilor of Bangladesh Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Jahirul Islam said they saw this speech – but Malaysia has not officially informed them about the matter.

Labor Councilor of Bangladesh Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Jahirul Islam said, “They gave a five-year statement to the statement made by the Interior Ministry, where it has been said that they want to send them from illegal places.”

I asked, what Bangladeshis want to think, he said, “there is a reason to be concerned, because of those who are sick about them.”

He said, “We also want our people to come safely here”. Malaysian Bangladeshi journalist Sheikh Kabir Ahmed said, “They have planned five actions through which they will release illegal immigrants in the next five years and identify immigrants employed by illegal immigrants.”

“From village to city, the house will be searched, and locals from the law enforcement forces will take part in the operation.”

In this context, Ramu’s organization’s director, Marina Sultana, said that Bangladesh will not be harmed by this move against Malaysia’s illegal immigrant movement.

He said, “Do not take the risk of workers, but Malaysia’s market should also be remembered that workers should work with dignity.”

“There is a strong discussion about the irregularities of the process.”

Merina Sultana said that illegal people in Malaysia will have to take responsibility of both the countries – because of the irregularities and corruption of both parties, not only for the workers but also in the labor market.



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