Inside the World’s Peculiar Micronations

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Vit Jedlicka, a 31-year-old Czech liberal politician presents his ”Liberland” on April 20, 2015, at the University of Economics in Prague. (Michal Cizek / AFP/Getty Images)

Liberland was founded by a Czech economist turned politician Vit Jedlicka in 2015. Liberland has low-tax policies, it is based on liberalization ideas (its motto is “live and let live”). The business of this micronation is conducted through emails, the key representatives of Liberland in various countries communicate via Skype, it accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum and is about to start to introduce its own digital currency.

The self-proclaimed sovereign state of Liberland has big plans for the future. “We need more countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Morocco, especially in Europe,” Vit Jedlicka, the president and co-founder of the Liberland, told Bloomberg. Jedlicka didn’t opt in the Liberland’s presidential elections but was nominated by two other founders of the Liberland, one of whom is his girlfriend.

50000 people from around the world including those of 5500 from the United Kingdom have applied for the citizenship of this 2.7 square mile micronation. One of the early investors of the Bitcoin, Patrick Schumacher, also the chief executive of Zaha-Hadid Architects, has invested in the Liberland by submitting his potential designs for the future planning and development of the cityscape.

2The Kingdom of Redonda at a glance. (Picture generated by Redonda administration)

The Kingdom of Redonda is located between the two islands of Nevis and Montserrat, this tiny island of Redonda was occupied by Matthew Dowdy Shiell in 1865, with the alleged approval of the British Colonial Office. He took the title of “King” and started ruling the island in his own terms. The title was then ascended to his son, Matthew Phipps Shiell in 1880, when he was 15, by a bishop from Antigua. Currently, there are four people who claim the title and the throne, while in 2007 the Wellington Arms in Southampton tried to get around the smoking ban by declaring itself an embassy of Redonda.

With over 1500 citizens and the area of 11.25 square miles, this micronation is well administered and entitles no crime rate. The communication and transportation to and from the island are by means of fixed frequency radios and small wooden vessels respectively. 

 The Lauwiner Empire It was founded in 2014 by Jonas I of Lauwiner, it is the first micronation originated from Switzerland. The citizens of the Lauwiner Empire are of four major ethnic groups are descended from German, Russian, French, English, and Arabic speaking forebears. The Lauwiner Empire is spread from Imperia Located in Switzerland to small parts of Ukraine, Morocco, and other countries.


One of the Lauwiner Empire properties in Valais, Switzerland.       (Picture by J. Shon)

Lauwiner Empire is an absolute monarchy and is controlled and ruled by the Monarch, who is also the Supreme Commander of the Lauwiner Empire Legion. Lauwiner Empire Legion are the protectors of territories of the Lauwiner Empire. The Empire has an area of about 40000 square meters and rapidly growing. The kind of future planning and investments might attract a large number of people to live in Lauwiner Empire.

The focus of this Empire is to provide real estate to the people, who can live and become citizens of the Empire. Some of the properties of the empire which are in the mode of acquisition now might add up to the diversity and vibrancy of this micronation.

Lauwiner Empire has its own currency called as Imperial Vellar which depict the King Jonas I of Lauwiner.


(Freetown Christiania credit: ALAMY)

Freetown Christiania Freetown Christiania was established in 1971. It is a neighborhood of around 850 people within the Copenhagen district of Christian shavn. Freetown Christiania is among the most successful Micronations, and Danish authorities have granted it a unique legal status.

Its residents – like that of Užupis – are bohemian. Performing arts, yoga and meditation are all popular activities, cannabis is openly traded, and visitors (it is a popular detour for tourists) will spot eye-catching murals and unusual architecture.

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