History of Valentine’s Day – When did we start celebrating Valentine’s Day

History of Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day: The word love is very easy to mix with everyone’s innate instincts. Because of the love of the people growing up since birth, this love. And so everyone’s thinking about the day of love is special. The story of this day is quite colourful. Let’s look at the history page of Valentine’s Day or World Love Day on the history page By Riyad Khandaker

When Starting Valentine day in Bangladesh

In 1993 our love day came into our country. Journalist personality Shafiq Rehman has studied in London He was used in western customs. He returned to the country and started the love day. Though there are many disagreements with this, Shafiq Rehman’s thoughts attract more attention to the new generation. That’s the beginning of the day in our country.

On the 14th of February, the day is celebrated in our love, love, but every day. Love determines the pace of life. People live in love.

History of Valentine’s Day

‘Love’ is the world’s humble human emotion. How many stories have spread with love, the story is found in literary arts and culture, search for love. And so February 14 is a favourite day for generations. The world is celebrated with great interest and joy. Like the rest of the world, our country has been living for a long time with unlimited happiness and pure passion of youth. What is this valentine’s day? How does it arise? Why is it called a love festival around? There are many questions about the question of Munir. Among them, the most common history is the priest of St. Valentine. Pastor St. Valentine was a paedophile, social and religious preacher and Christian preacher.

The second Roman Emperor Claudius believed in the worship of gods. When asked to worship the gods on behalf of the emperor, Valentin was imprisoned for denial. When the emperor repeatedly refused to give up his Christian faith, on February 27, 14, he sentenced him to violate the state order. That day begins. In addition, there is a general event of St. Valentine. After St. Valentine’s imprisonment, many dear young people came to prison every day and provided flowers to them. They encouraged St. Valentine with many provocative speeches.

A prison guard can see a blind girl Valentine. For a long time, they both spoke openly. Once upon a time, Valentin fell in love with her. The blind girl in Saint Valentine’s spiritual therapies gets her eyesight. When he heard Valentine’s love and love for the young people of his country, he became crazy and executed him on 266 February 266. In addition, according to Christian history, the imperialist, bloody Roman Emperor Claudius was 269 AD. A large army force. Once a military crisis arose in his army. But someone is willing to join his army. The emperor noticed that unmarried youth was very patient at the critical moment of the war. As a result, he bans marriage or adds a young man. So that they did not express their reluctance to join the army.

The youth of this country are angry with this announcement. The young man, Saint Valentine, could not accept the Emperor’s embarrassment. First, he liked the marriage of Saint Marys and gave secret judgments to marry her in secret to her church. In one room, the bride and groom used to wear candles in light candles to tear the wedding mantras. But at one stage, when Emperor Claudius was in his ear, Saint Valentine was ordered to arrest him. When the soldiers presented Valentin to the emperor on February 27 and killed him, he ordered that he be killed. According to another Christian history, when Christians are celebrated with Roman traditions of victory over Europe. In the middle of February, all the young people in the village wrote in the notebook or box. Then every young man picked up a note from the box, in whose hand the girl’s name was pronounced, the girl had love with the girl. And he wrote a letter to him, saying, ‘I am sending this letter to you in the name of the idol.’ At the end of the year, the relationship is renewed or changed. It is impossible to eradicate this podium when it is effective, and it is impossible to change it by renaming it only in Christianity and declare that these letters should now be sent as ‘St’. Valentine ‘.

Because it is a Christian symbol so that it is associated with Christianity over time. According to others, Holidays are celebrated on 14 February in the honour of Queen Juno of Rome. Roman believes that no marriage will succeed until June’s gesture. Raffle draw elections are going on in the thousands of Youth Festivals for the Loparkala banquet festival on February 15. On the festival, youths keep their named paper slip publicly in a large container. From there, the young man summoned the girl to slip. Sometimes these couples will have relations between love stairs and relationships between them for a whole year. Today’s Valentine’s Day much common information about love day, information-data Each different way presented the reasoning argument.

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