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Happy New Year 2021 – At the end of the year, you may also wish to greet the loved ones on the first day of the new year. The new year’s greetings SMS, Wishes, Messages, And the Status collection has been brought to your attention. Give New year wishes to loved ones through Social Media or Mobile on the occasion of the new year 2021. Now the new year.


New Year 2021 greetings SMS, Sayings, Quotes, Poems, Messages, Status

“New year comes with new hope,
Only love is spreading on earth.
Forget all difference,
Come on, let’s go on in the right way.
New year greetings to everyone”

“In the new year, you will be colorful every day…
Every section of your life can be filled with color.
Success and luck always surround you …
Happy New Year 2021″

“The blue sky filled the envelope, on the white clouds, with the rainbow colour , I sent my love by anchor air …
* Happy New Year 2021 *”

“New Year’s new day, take a few wishes. Shake the sorrow, make some dreams. New year new hope and lots of love for you.”

“New light is new dawn; past die, welcome new things! Forget all old bad memories, wishing you Happy New Year’s lovely moments.
>> Happy New Year 2021 <<”

” In the new year,
erase all the differences between caste and race…
Religions-religion divides …
Be happy with all human beings in the world.
Happy New Year 2021…”

“Swap-colored fairs,
Floating life with a colorful boat.
Come back to the ground,
New songs in new tunes.
Making new hope,
Find the meaning of life
All the many New Year’s greetings of the New Year 2021″

“In the new year, jump to new prominence, look for success …. who will be sad in your success, i don’t know, but your parents will be very happy … do not lose this opportunity to smile on their faces …
Happy new year 2021″

“At the end of the year, the fallen leaves were said to fly, a year passed with the wind. A new year has come, take care of him, be very good with the dream. * Happy new year 2021 *”

“When dusk will be dawn. They will come out of happiness, a new day will come, forgot all sorrow live with laughing and joy,
it will be unbelievable for years. * Happy new year 2021 *

“O new sun, forget sorrow and pain. golden light. O new morning, take it away, do not get hurt Your sleek breeze O new year, bring you happiness-hope-dream and an endless struggle of love. New year wishes for the year 2021 *”

“Make more mistakes in the new year.
Because the more you make mistakes,
The more you learn …Happy new year”

“New year, new hearts, new work, new joy, new love, new possibilities, let your heart “Happy New Year 2021

“The name of the new year was written on the bird’s wing and the name of the new year. Friends, you will be able to fly and see the smell of happiness. Destroy all of the old ones. New year’s new journey is like happiness and prosperity. Happy to know you are Happy New Year 2021″

“In the new year, you are filled with a lot of joy … your smile is unchanged …Happy new year 2021″

“Coming new year, good news for everyone, joy in everyone’s heart, but why should you say so silent say loudly Happy New Year.

“Make life beautiful Freshen the mind. Soften the heart. Use Time. Miss your Love. Make a friend and SMS. Welcome, Happy New Year.
* Happy New Year *

Happy New Year 2021 Bangla SMS

SMS -1

“Notun bosor asuk niye notun asha,
Prithibite choriye dik shudhu e valobasa.
Hanahani-vedaved sob kishu vuli,
Eso sobai mile mishe soth pothe choli.
Sobaike notun bosorer shuvecha”

SMS – 2

“Notun bosore tomar protiti din hoye uthuk rogin..
Bornomoyotay vore uthuk tomar jiboner protiti oddhay..
Safollo o souvaggo sorboda ghire thak tomay..
Happy New Year”


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