Centipedes were fast and seclusive creatures which have scared myths around us. One of them told that they were dangerous or harmful to human and have the venom in their legs which can make your skin rotten off. The fact is the centipede bites very rare harmful for humans, it only gives you light pain. The worst pain might experience on children or those who have some allergics toward insect’s venom.

The pain also only lasts during few hours.  If you find out that there is centipedes invention inside your house, you might start thinking about what attracts baby centipedes that can cause more centipedes inside your house. You should know that centipedes insert your house based on several reasons which similar to other pests, they looking for food, water and reproducing site. This is because they cannot survive naturally in the winter season, so they look for a warmer place to survive and lay their eggs until the spring season. You can visit termitesblog.com to Learn more about centipede and another pest info.

The lifecycle of centipede

Fertilization and egg- laying cycle: When centipede adults occur from their winter hiding site, the males will deposit all of the sperm packets into small webs. However the courtship rituals also depending on their certain species, most f females lay their eggs in moist soil during spring and summer season alone or in batches as well. some species, however, gave birth to live young as well.

The hatchlings process: Centipedes develop slowly, even with seven or more molts occur before getting mature, in many cases, the hatchlings and immature centipedes were looked like adult centipedes, however, they only have few pairs of the leg. Once again, this is also depending on their species. The immature centipedes might or might now grow their new segment bides and legs as they molt as well.

The Adult centipedes: There are many centipedes live as adults between 5 or 6 years, over than the other arthropods. The adult centipedes usually spend their winter time in the dark and most area, even they can enter your house and hide under your furniture. They look for the area which can protect them during the winter month. Most of the centipedes also come in reddish brown or yellowish. The hind of their pair’s leg was modified to form the rear antenna similar with appendages.

The behavior: Centipedes also live their whole life in a dark and moist area; they will die without moisture in their environment. This is uncommon to see some centipedes scurry toward their darkness site if you lifting up the rocks indoors. So, you might find them behind or under stuff in the cool and damp basement a well. Centipedes also often laid their egg in the same type of their inhabit environment.

So, there is still unclearly about what attracts baby centipedes, however, they can be found in the moist area or your basement as well. The centipedes only bite you when they feel cornered or life threatened. If you want more information, you can check many sources that give you any information about centipedes and other arthropods species.

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