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Growing up, everybody had their childhood crush. It was often the main character that was either beautiful, smart or bold. They showed us that you don’t need to have years of practice to be an amazing actor. Sometimes you’re just born with it. But certain things don’t come to everybody from birth.

One of them is hotness.

Whenever we speak about childhood tv crushes, we mention the most prevalent characters. The others we kind of forget through time. Many of the young actors we brushed off as being nerdy and unattractive. But the coin has two sides, going through puberty, some nerdy celebrities have become smokin’ hot! And today we’re going to list the biggest shockers.

8 Nerdy Celebs Who Became Gorgeous Adults

  1. Alexa Vega

Everybody has seen Spy Kids while growing up and everybody remembers the tough little Carmen. Even though she started off being cute, many might have viewed her as a bit boy-like because of her attitude and the fighting, but did she turn out being a jaw-dropper. Today not only that she’s a beautiful grown-up lady, but she’s also married. It’s always amazing seeing our favorite childhood stars growing up! She’s no longer a spy kid, she’s now a woman!

Alexa Vega

  1. Matthew Lewis

Now, I doubt that there is still someone who hasn’t seen Harry Potter. However, if that’s the case, do yourself a favor and see it! Matthew Lewis is one of the biggest shockers on the list. His character Neville Longbottom was chubby and introverted, definitely nobody’s favorite character from the saga. But Matthew Lewis turned out being a late bloomer, now he’s far from the awkward kid he used to be. Now people are admiring his looks and putting him on covers of magazines! He went from zero to hero!

Matthew Lewis

  1. Ariana Grande

Ariana is now a superstar, very well-known around the whole globe. She’s famous for both her singing and her looks. However, most of us might have known her from the earlier stages of her career – the Nickelodeon show Victorious. Throughout her years on the network, she has gone through many different style transformations that eventually led her to what she is now! She has barely any resemblance to what she looked like before. Now at the age of 22, Ariana Grande looks like a fully grown-up lady, with a huge fanbase isn’t limited to just teenage fangirls.

Ariana Grande

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