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Dangerous Fire At Dhaka Chawkbazar Chemical Market [Video]


Fire At Dhaka Chawkbazar Chemical Market. Around 33 fire service units are working for control the fire but the fire is going out of control. Many families are also stuck inside the fire area. More than 100 people have sent in different hospitals and few(Last Update 32+) people died.

On Wednesday, 20 February, the fire was first coming from a building then it spared everywhere because of the chemical shop on that area the fire cannot be under controlled. The flames are very strong.

Before there was an incident of fire in Nimtoli but the people were not alert they made huge chemical workshop without any legal way.

There are many chemical shops on that spot for that reason fire is rising. Near the Choke Market, almost every shops are a chemical workshop so, until the chemical burn nothing can be done! There are also many combustible materials are in the workshop. There are many workshops is opened illegally and uncontrolled.

Chawkbazar Chemical Market  Dangerous Fire [Video]


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