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JSC Result 2019 with full mark sheet. An exam is not just a way of knowing how much a student studied. It’s something more than that. The exam is a way through which almost every single site of a student is tested. No matter what students know, it depends on his/her overall skill that how good delivery he/she will give in the exam hall.

That’s why education on the board of Bangladesh started to take a new exam called ‘JSC’. From the very beginning and till now, it’s testing the overall quality of a student.

JSC Exam In Details

There was a time when no public exam was held in class 8. A student has to participate in regular school exams to go to class 9. But yes, a ‘Britti’exam was taken all over the nation. This ‘Britti’ exam was important because through it poor but talented students use to get financial help from the central education authority.

But then, Bangladesh Education Board took a new decision and started a new exam called ‘JSC’.

JSC exam was started in 2010. Once it was started, students became really happy because they got the opportunity to show their knowledge on a national exam. That was something more than special for them.

JSC Result 2019

JSC exam 2019 started on 2nd November. It started in a great festive mood because of the huge participation of both, male and female students. The exact number of JSC students is 22, 60,716. Not just that, the most noticeable fact is that this year the number of female students was more than the number of male students. To be appropriate, this year 12, 17,809 female students participated in the exam, on the other hand, 1,042,907 male students participated in the exam.

JSC grading system

The grading system of the JSC exam is not that kind of different. Just like all other exams, this exam also has a very common grading system.

Students who will get the marks between 80-100 will get an A+ grade. These students are considered the best students in this exam.

After that, students who will achieve the mark between 70-79 will get an A grade.

Just like that, students getting 60-69 will get A- and 50-59 will get B.

40-49 mark is considered as C grade and 33-39 is considered as D grade. This is a kind of mark, which no student wants to get.

Lastly, its time to talk about the F grade. A student who will get the mark between 0-32, will be considered as F grade. In Bangladesh, a student getting F grade students have to seat for the exam once again in the very next year. In a word, Students getting F have to continue with the same class in the very next year.

How to check JSC Result 2019 from online

So dear students, you can collect your results online. We understand how eager you are to know the process. That’s why we won’t confuse you much. But before going for the process, we would like to mention that, only if you have a smartphone and if you have an internet connection with your phone, then you are eligible for this section. Laptops/personal computers are also fine.

So for checking the result, you have to go to ‘www.educationboardresults.gov.bd’. If you don’t know, then let us tell you that, it’s the official website of Bangladesh education board.

So once you went to this website, now you have to give the website some of your information.

Firstly, you have to give your examination type, which is JSC.

After that, you have to select the year. As you attended the exam in 2019, so select 2019.

In the third step, you have to select your board.

The fourth step is the important one. Why we are saying this? Because in this step, you have to give your roll number. Type your roll number with enough attention.

Just like the roll number, you have to type your registration number in the very next step. Make sure, here you ensure the accurate registration number of yours.

In the last stage, you have to solve math. Its nothing but a formality. Just solve it and click on the submit button. You will get your result.

How to check JSC result by SMS

Checking result through SMS is one of the easiest and simplest way. You don’t have to be a tech expert for this.

If you want to know your result through an SMS, then you have to go to the message option of your phone.

Then you have to type your exam name. That is JSC.

Now you have to type the first three letters of your board name.

Right after that, type your roll number, give a space and type the year you participated in the exam and once you are done, send it to 16222.

For making you more confirm, we are giving you an example. Please match the example with the above-given details.

Suppose a JSC student of 2019 wants to know his/her roll number. His/her Roll number is 938594859485 and the board is Dhaka.

So he/she will type JSC ‘DHK 938594859485 2019’

Then he/she will send it to 16222.

Collect result through apps


The process is very simple. All you need is just download a result publishing app from play store and type all the details of yours. To be appropriate type your board, roll, exam type and year, you will get your result. That’s it.



In a word, we tried to uphold almost all the necessary information about this very important exam. Our ultimate target was to make everyone know about this. We hope, we became successful. But our ultimate success depends on our students. When our students will shine on their sector and make us proud, that will be our real achievement. This article is for the future starts of Bangladesh, who are going to serve our nation for a long period. So finally, wishing very good luck to the students of JSC 2020. Hope all of you are going to get a good result.


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