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Bangladesh Public Holidays & National Holidays List and Calendar in 2019


The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a country in South Asia. Islam is the largest religion of Bangladesh. There are 86.6% people are Muslim. There are many holidays in Bangladesh. If you are living in Bangladesh and searching for Bangladesh 2019 Holiday Calendar which provides all date the holidays, Bank holidays, school Holidays and festivals of Bangladesh in 2019.

Bangladesh Public Holidays List 2019

Day & Date  Holidays Name
February 21 (Thursday) Language Martyrs’ Day
March 17 (Sunday) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birthday (Bangabandhu)
March 26 (Tuesday) Independence Day
April 14 (Sunday) Bengali New Year
April 21 (Sunday) Shab e-Barat
May 01 (Wednesday) May Day 2019
May 19 (Sunday) Buddha Purnima
May 31 (Friday) Jumatul Bidah
June 01 (Saturday) Night of Destiny
June 05 (Wednesday) Eid ul-Fitr
June 06 (Thursday) Eid ul-Fitr Holiday
August 12 (Monday) Eid ul-Adha
August 13 (Tuesday) Eid ul-Adha Day 2
August 14 (Wednesday) Eid ul-Adha Day 3
August 15 (Thursday) National Mourning Day
August 24 (Saturday) Janmashtami
September 10 (Tuesday) Ashura
October 08 (Tuesday) Durga Puja
November 10 (Sunday) Eid e-Milad-un Nabi
December 16 (Monday) Victory Day 2019
December 25 (Wednesday) Christmas Day 2019



Bangladesh Govt Holidays Official Calendar in 2019


Bangladesh Public Holidays Calendar in 2019




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