Amar Bondhu Rashed" Star Chowdhury Zawata Afnan Gets Married

Chowdhury Zawata Afnan, known for his role in the film “Amar Bondhu Rashed,” has recently married. The movie, based on Muhammed Zafar Iqbal’s novel and directed by Morshedul Islam in 2011, featured Afnan as “Rashed,” earning him significant recognition. Afnan, often referred to as “Rashed,” married Farhana Nusrat Mumu, who works at a private institution, on December 23.

Their love story began in college in 2013, leading to their marriage. Afnan, after his role in “Amar Bondhu Rashed,” appeared in telefilms and commercials around 2014 but then became less visible in the film industry.

He has since completed his studies and runs a production house, focusing on information graphics, advertisements, and audiovisual content for various corporate entities. “Amar Bondhu Rashed,” funded by the government, portrays Bangladesh’s Liberation War, with Afnan’s performance as “Rashed” receiving widespread acclaim and awards.

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