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Alkaline Water: All you need to khow about!

Many experts give advice to maintain the pH balance of the body, it is very important to maintain the balance in order to be healthy. The right balance is required to avoid many health-related issues like gas, acidity or problem related to digestion of food in the body. You need to understand the meaning of pH value before proceeding. The full form of pH stands for Power of Hydrogen, which is a regular measure of hydrogen. Ph value is used to check how much acidic or alkaline the water is. It is measured on the scale of 0 to 14.

  • The pH value if comes 7 is known to be Neutral.
  • The pH value less than 7 is known to be acidic.
  • The pH value of more than 7 is known as alkaline.

Example if the pH value of a solution is 2, this means the solution is very acidic if its value is 12 this means it is high in alkaline. Normal water has 7 pH value, that is why it is known as neutral.

Now the question arises is what is basically alkaline water is?

  • Alkaline water is nothing special but water having pH balance higher than 7. Many doctors have believed that the alkaline water is best suited for the people with the problem of acidity in the body and drinking alkaline water as a substitute for normal water proves to be more helpful for them as it will neutralize their body’s acidic value.
  • This will not only reduce the problem of acidity but also prevent many diseases caused by high acidities like heart-related disease, digestion problem, lack of stamina and many more.

We can check the quantity of alkalinity in water using a pH kit. pH kit usually consists of pH strips and pH chart. In order to check it we have to dip the pH strips i.e. the litmus paper in the solution of whatever we want to check the alkalify of, let the pH strips dipped in the solution and then check and compare the color of the pH paper with pH chart. We can also make this alkaline water at home.

If you are facing acidity related issues and you are already drinking normal water then you should consult the doctor to ask him about starting to drink alkaline water to correct this issue. There are many ways to make alkaline water or to increase the pH value of the water by using filters and additive available in the market.

  1. Use of baking soda: Baking soda contains high alkaline of pH value 9 and when the baking soda is mixed with water the level of alkaline in the water increases. You have to add half spoon baking soda in 3-4 liters of water and mix it well let it dissolve in the water; your alkaline water is ready to drink.
  2. Use of lemons: lemon contains acidic content and is a pH value of about 2 in it. When we mix lemon juice in water, its acidic content increases and it becomes alkaline water of pH value 7. As you have heard from people about drinking water with lemon in the morning.
  3. Adding pH drops: a bottle containing Ph drops is available in the market o you can buy it online, these pH drops contain alkaline contents in higher amount. These drops are the instant way of increasing the alkalinity in water; you can read the instructions before adding it to water.
  4. By adding filters of alkaline to water purifier: Simply by adding alkaline filters to your water purifier make your water alkaline water, there are so many variants of water purifier available in the market. The WATER PURIFIER PRICE IN INDIA may vary from city to city, company to company, by simply examining or checking their benefits and price you can make your decision regarding it.

Health benefits of drinking alkaline water:

There are numerous benefits of alkaline water but still, sometimes it creates doubt in the minds of people whether to drink this water or not. There are so many positive benefits of drinking it still if you have any kind of doubt in your mind you can consult your doctor for more suggestions.

  • Boost up the digestion process
  • Strengthens joints
  • Increase immunity
  • Reduces the problem of acidity
  • Prevent diseases related to heart attack, digestion problem, gas problem, etc.
  • Flush the toxins in the body
  • Prevents signs of anti-aging
  • Helps to reduce weight

You must examine the pH value of the normal water before making its alkaline water, and also you should notice the pH value of water after making it alkaline. With this, you can check the improvement in pH of water after alkaline process. Drinking alkaline water is safe, this is an obvious question that arises in your mind. So here is the answer that drinking alkaline water is safe and it is marked by many experts that it is beneficial to drink the alkaline water.

You should be concerned about the readymade or artificial alkaline water, as they contain low pH value. Drinking natural alkaline water is super beneficial, water that passes through rocks is considered to be naturally alkaline. But there are so many ways to convert normal water into alkaline water. Water can be high in pH value or low in pH value but if it is higher or too less it will have negative effect on the body. Water with too high pH value is bitter in taste, so it is easy to judge the higher or lower pH balance of water while tasting it.

Drinking alkaline water also solve the problem of Osteoporosis in a body, this is the problem related to weakness in joints and bones. Drinking alkaline water also helps in solving the problem of osteoporosis. This increases the level of calcium in the body.  It reduces the acidity content in the human body and proved to be very beneficial for one’s health.

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