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21 February Pic, Photo & Wallpaper – Ekushe February 2020

Ekushe February The 21 February Pic, Photo & Wallpaper: On 21 February, Martyr Day or International Mother Language Day will be held on Thursday. The United Nations initiative will celebrate the day in honor of the language martyrs in Bangladesh and the whole world.

Since the recognition of the International, Mother Language Day in recognition of the great Ekushey in 1999, the UN Education, Science, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has celebrated the International Day for the last few years.

The 21 February Pic, Photo & Wallpaper

21 February Pic

The nation will pay tributes to the great martyrs of Ekusu through various programs including placing wreaths on the altar of the Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka and in different places.

President. Abdul Hamid will give wreaths at the first Shaheed Minar at 12.01 in the first hour of Ekuse Day. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will pay tribute to the memory of martyrs immediately after this. Various political social and cultural organizations have taken a detailed program to observe the day.

All preparations for the Omar Ekushey celebrations have already been completed. Special safety measures have been taken in the areas of central Shaheed Minar, Azimpur graveyard and Ekusheva Pratabhatfari roundabout, which have been formulated, Roadmap for entry to Shaheed Minar.

On the day of 1952, the people of all of Bengal (then East Pakistan) demanded statehood, and the people of all ages came out on the streets by ignorance of section 144 and administration of the ruling party.

Salam, Jabbar, Shafiq, Barkat, and Rafiq were martyred when the police fired on the procession of the student-crowd protesting against the Pakistani government’s strong movement for establishing mother’s language.

In the struggle for establishing the rights of mother language, the Ekushey February was the first resistance of the Bengalis against the colonial rule and the spirit of the rulers, and the first expedition of Bengali national consciousness on the basis of language.

In exchange for the blood of language martyrs, the Bengali nation got the status of ‘mother language’ as well as in the political and socio-economic development of the new motivation. This is the beginning of the independence movement of Bengal and the great liberation war of 1971. The next nine months of the armed forces against the Pakistani armed forces are added to the map of the world through a newly independent country – ‘Bangladesh’

Although February 21 is mournful, its glorious chapter is unique in the world. Because the only Bengali people in this world have given life for language.

The national holiday on 21st February. With the sunrise, the national flag will be kept half-way in all government, semi-government, autonomous, educational institutions and private buildings. On 21 February, newspapers will publish special programs and special programs of Bangladesh Radio, Bangladesh Television, and Private Satellite Channels Ekushey Program.

The 21 February Pic Chronicles

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