$13.6 B Record Breaking solar park rises from Dubai Desert

Under the leadership of Emirates ruler, UAE’s vice president and prime minister construction work started in the Dubai Desert. The satellite images showed that under the creases and crinkles of sand there’re energy plants. The 5000-megawatt solar park will take a very long time for completion. In each phase of construction, there’re millions of photovoltaic panels which have the capacity for hundreds of megawatts.

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In the construction, the architects will use mirrors to throw the sunlight at the top of the tower. The major purpose of this focusing of light is to heat up the molten salts. This heat charges up the steam turbines which in turn produces electricity.

CSP has a greater tendency of energy storage as compared to the photovoltaics. CSP stores the energy in the form of heat and the thermal energy storage is much cheap as compared to the electrical energy storage.

CSP has the capacity that it stores energy even without the sunlight. CSP requires only 15 hours of storage of heat and can provide power for 24 hours. Phase four of the construction will provide almost 850 megawatts of power. This phase will use the parabolic troughs which are another form of CSP.

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Later on, it was announced that phase five will generate 900 megawatts and this will happen in 2021. The final goal is to generate 5000 megawatts of energy from the solar park.

When the four phases will get complete this park will generate 1,963 megawatts and this will become the largest capacity solar park all around the world. Right now, the Tengger Desert Solar Park in Ningxia, China is the largest solar park that generates the highest photovoltaics.

As dust can greatly affect the production of power so new technologies like dry coating system have introduced. This system will clean the whole power plant of Dubai Desert in a very short time.

However, the temperature is also a significant factor that can lower energy production. As in Dubai the temperature remains very hot in days and becomes slightly cold in nights. The Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 is making hard efforts to release 25% of energy from clean sources. 75% of energy can be released from 2050 which has the tendency of about 42,000 megawatts.

So we can say that the architectures are working their best to generate the largest solar park from Dubai Desert however it’ll take time.

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