YouTube Vanced APK Review In-depth Analysis and Comparison

Youtube Vanced, also known as Youtube Vanced, is an Android application that offers an enhanced user experience by adding exclusive features and benefits not found in the official YouTube app.

This modded version of YouTube provides a range of functionalities, including built-in adblocking, background playback without the need for a YouTube Premium subscription, the ability to force HDR mode, override maximum resolution settings, and pinch-to-zoom for all devices.

Additionally, Youtube Vanced offers Google Cast toggles, secondary themes such as dark and black, picture-in-picture mode, customizable video window styles, repeat video options, and the ability to set preferred resolution and playback speed settings. 

Swipe controls for volume and brightness, a true dark theme, gesture controls for brightness and volume, and the ability to skip sponsored segments with SponsorBlock are among the app’s other notable features.

Despite being discontinued by Google, similar alternatives like NewPipe continue to provide users with similar functionalities and benefits.

Youtube Vanced Blocked? (Really?)

YouTube Vanced Features

YouTube Vanced offers a wide range of features that revolutionize the way you consume videos on your Android device. With its built-in ad blocking, you can enjoy uninterrupted viewing without pesky ads, even without a YouTube Premium subscription.

The app also allows for background playback, so you can continue listening to your favorite videos while using other apps or when the screen is turned off.

If you’re someone who values enhanced video quality, Youtube Vanced has got you covered. You can force HDR mode for compatible content, override maximum resolution settings to ensure you get the best picture clarity, and even pinch-to-zoom on all devices to maximize the viewing experience.

Whether you’re casting videos to a bigger screen using Google Cast or customizing the look and feel with secondary themes like dark and black, Youtube Vanced gives you the power to personalize your video playback.

But the features don’t stop there. Picture-in-picture mode allows you to multitask while still watching videos, and the app’s customizable video window style ensures a seamless and immersive viewing experience.

You can also repeat videos with ease, set your preferred resolution and playback speed, and even control volume and brightness with simple swipe gestures.

Key Features of Youtube Vanced
Built-in adblocking
Background playback without YouTube Premium
Force HDR mode
Override maximum resolution settings
Pinch-to-zoom for all devices
Toggle for Google Cast
Secondary themes (dark and black)
Picture-in-picture mode
Customizable video window style
Repeat videos
Preferred resolution and playback speed settings
Swipe controls for volume and brightness

With all these features and more, it’s no wonder why YouTube Vanced has gained popularity among Android users.

While Google may have shut down the official version of the app, alternatives like NewPipe continue to offer similar functionality.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your YouTube experience and take full control of your video consumption, give YouTube Vanced a try!

Enjoying Enhanced Video Playback

With YouTube Vanced, you can enjoy a fully customizable and immersive video playback experience. This modded version of YouTube for Android offers a range of features that enhance your viewing pleasure. Whether you’re watching your favorite vloggers, educational content, or music videos, YouTube Vanced has you covered.

One of the standout features of YouTube Vanced is the ability to pinch-to-zoom on all devices. This means you can easily adjust the size of the video to your preference, whether you want it to fill the entire screen or zoom in for a closer look.

Additionally, the app offers seamless integration with Google Cast, allowing you to effortlessly stream videos to compatible devices, such as smart TVs or Chromecast.

Youtube Vanced also provides a variety of secondary themes, including dark and black, which not only enhance the visual experience but also reduce eye strain, especially when using the app in low-light environments.

Furthermore, the picture-in-picture mode allows you to multitask while watching videos, enabling you to browse other apps or check your messages without interrupting your viewing.

Pinch-to-zoomCustomize video size for optimal viewing
Google Cast integrationStream videos to compatible devices
Secondary themesEnhance visual experience and reduce eye strain
Picture-in-picture modeMulti-task while watching videos

Additionally, Youtube Vanced allows you to repeat videos, adjust resolution preferences, and fine-tune playback speed settings.

This level of control gives you the freedom to personalize your viewing experience according to your preferences. 

Swipe controls for volume and brightness further enhance the usability of the app, allowing for seamless adjustments with a simple swipe of your finger.

Youtube Vanced offers a range of features and benefits that take your video playback to the next level. With customizable video size, Google Cast integration, secondary themes, picture-in-picture mode, and swipe controls, you have complete control over how you watch and interact with content.

So why settle for the standard YouTube experience when you can elevate it with YouTube Vanced?

Adblocking and Beyond


Say goodbye to annoying ads and enjoy uninterrupted video streaming with the built-in adblocking feature of YouTube Venced.

As a modded version of YouTube, this app offers a unique advantage over the official version by allowing you to watch videos without the interruption of advertisements, even without a YouTube Premium subscription.

But the benefits of YouTube Venced go beyond just adblocking. Whether you want to enhance your video playback experience or have more control over your streaming, this app has you covered. With features like background playback, force HDR mode, and maximum resolution settings override, you can tailor your viewing experience to suit your preferences.

Additionally, YouTube Venced offers a range of customization options. From pinch-to-zoom for all devices and Google Cast toggle to secondary themes including dark and black, you can personalize your app interface.

The picture-in-picture mode and customizable video window style make multitasking a breeze, allowing you to watch videos while using other apps or browsing the web.

Furthermore, Youtube Venced provides additional features to enhance your overall video streaming experience. You can repeat videos with a single tap, adjust resolution and playback speed preferences, and use swipe controls for volume and brightness.

The app also includes advanced functions such as time-stamped share links, restored video dislike counts, and the ability to skip sponsored segments using SponsorBlock. 

Even though Google has shut down YouTube Venced, alternatives like NewPipe continue to offer similar features, ensuring that users can still enjoy the enhanced benefits of this modded version.

Dark Side of YouTube Vanced

Embrace the dark side of Youtube Vanced with its true dark theme, providing a visually stunning and comfortable browsing experience.

This unique feature not only enhances the aesthetics of the app but also reduces eye strain, particularly when using the app in dimly lit environments.

With its sleek and immersive design, the true dark theme is perfect for users who prefer a darker interface for their video streaming sessions.

Enhanced Visuals and Comfort

The true dark theme of Youtube Vanced envelops the app in a sophisticated color palette, with deep blacks and subtle accents that create a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.

Whether you are watching videos during the day or late at night, the dark theme ensures that the focus remains on the content, eliminating distractions and enhancing visual clarity.

Not only does the true dark theme offer a visually stunning browsing experience, but it also contributes to greater user comfort.

The reduced brightness of the dark interface prevents eye strain, especially when using the app for extended periods. So, you can indulge in your favorite videos without any discomfort or fatigue.

Customization and Personalization

The true dark theme of YouTube Vanced goes beyond mere aesthetics. It also allows users to customize and personalize their video streaming experience.

With the ability to switch between different color schemes and themes, users can tailor the app’s appearance to their preferences.

Whether you prefer a sleek dark interface or a black theme that complements your device’s OLED screen, Youtube Vanced offers a range of options for you to choose from.

In addition to the true dark theme, Youtube Vanced provides various other customization options, allowing users to further personalize their browsing experience.

From adjusting resolution preferences to selecting playback speed settings, the app puts you in control of how you enjoy your favorite videos. With YouTube Vanced, you can truly make the app your own.

Key Features of Youtube Vanced
Built-in adblocking
Background playback without YouTube Premium
Force HDR mode
Override maximum resolution settings
Pinch-to-zoom for all devices
Toggle for Google Cast
Secondary themes include dark and black
Picture-in-picture mode
Customizable video window style
Repeat videos
Preferred resolution and playback speed settings
Swipe controls for volume and brightness

Enhanced Controls and Navigation

Take full control of your video playback with Youtube Vanced’s intuitive gesture controls for brightness and volume adjustments. With just a swipe of your finger, you can easily fine-tune the brightness level to suit your viewing environment.

Whether you’re watching videos in broad daylight or in a dimly lit room, this feature ensures optimal visibility without straining your eyes.

The gesture controls also extend to volume adjustments, allowing you to seamlessly increase or decrease the audio level while keeping your focus on the content.

No need to fumble for those tiny volume buttons anymore; simply swipe up or down anywhere on the screen to achieve the desired sound level.

In addition to gesture controls, YouTube Vanced provides a range of other conveniences for enhanced navigation. The app allows you to easily switch between videos by swiping left or right, improving the overall user experience. Furthermore, with a simple tap, you can quickly access the video playback settings, making it effortless to adjust playback speed, preferred resolution, and other preferences on the go.

Gesture ControlsBrightness AdjustmentVolume Control
Swipe gestures for easy navigationAdjust brightness with a swipeControl volume levels with a swipe

Example of Gesture Controls

“I was amazed by the seamless gesture controls offered by Youtube Vanced. It made adjusting the brightness and volume levels a breeze, allowing me to fully immerse in my favorite videos without any distractions. The ability to swipe between videos and access playback settings with a simple tap further enhanced the overall user experience.”

  • Intuitive gesture controls for brightness and volume adjustments
  • Swipe gestures for easy navigation
  • Effortless access to video playback settings

With YouTube Vanced, you have the power to personalize your video-watching experience. The enhanced controls and navigation features empower you to create a viewing environment that is tailored to your preferences. Say goodbye to cumbersome volume buttons and manual brightness adjustments – with just a swipe, you can enjoy a seamless and immersive video playback experience like never before.

Revamped YouTube Experience

Youtube Vanced offers a revamped YouTube experience with restored video dislike counts, customizable resolution preferences, and time-stamped share links for effortless content sharing.

The app goes beyond the limitations of the official YouTube app, providing users with enhanced features and control over their viewing experience.

Restored Video Dislike Counts

One of the standout benefits of Youtube Vanced is the restored video dislike counts feature. Unlike the official app, which only displays the number of likes on a video, Youtube Vanced allows users to see the exact number of dislikes as well.

This transparency provides a more accurate representation of viewer sentiment and encourages open dialogue and discussion within the YouTube community.

Customizable Resolution Preferences

With YouTube Vanced, users can take control of their video resolution preferences. Whether you prefer to stream in high-definition or conserve data with lower resolutions, the app allows you to override the maximum resolution settings and choose what works best for you.

This level of customization ensures an optimized viewing experience, tailored to your specific device and network capabilities.

Time-Stamped Share Links

Sharing your favorite moments from a video has never been easier with YouTube Vanced. The app provides time-stamped share links, allowing you to directly share specific moments within a video.

Whether it’s a funny clip, an educational segment, or a powerful scene, you can effortlessly reference and share these moments with friends and colleagues, enriching discussions and facilitating content discovery.

Benefits of Youtube Vanced
Restored video dislike counts
Customizable resolution preferences
Time-stamped share links

Alternatives and Continuing Benefits

Despite Youtube Vanced being shut down by Google, alternatives like NewPipe are available, ensuring users can continue to enjoy the enhanced features and benefits. NewPipe offers a similar experience to Youtube Vanced, with a range of features that enhance the video streaming experience.

One of the standout features of NewPipe is its built-in adblocking capability, allowing users to watch videos without interruptions from advertisements. Similar to Youtube Vanced, NewPipe also offers background playback, allowing users to listen to videos even when they are not actively viewing the app.

Comparison Table: YouTube Vanced vs. NewPipe

FeatureYoutube VancedNewPipe
Built-in adblockingYesYes
Background playbackYesYes
Force HDR modeYesNo
Secondary themesYesNo
Picture-in-picture modeYesNo

While YouTube Vanced may no longer be directly available, the existence of alternatives like NewPipe ensures that users can still enjoy the enhanced features and benefits that YouTube Vanced offers.

Whether it’s adblocking, background playback, or other customization options, NewPipe provides a similar experience that caters to the preferences and convenience of users.


Q: What is Youtube Vanced?

A: Youtube Vanced is a modded version of YouTube for Android that offers features not found in the official app.

Q: What are the key features of Youtube Vanced?

A: Some key features of Youtube Vanced include built-in adblocking, background playback without YouTube Premium, the ability to force HDR mode, override maximum resolution settings, pinch-to-zoom for all devices, toggle for Google Cast, secondary themes including dark and black, picture-in-picture mode, customizable video window style, repeat videos, preferred resolution and playback speed settings, swipe controls for volume and brightness, and more.

Q: What are the benefits of using Youtube Vanced?

A: Youtube Vanced offers benefits such as granular resolution preferences, time-stamped share links, restored video dislike counts, a true dark theme, gesture controls for brightness and volume, and the ability to skip sponsored segments with SponsorBlock.

Q: Has Youtube Vanced been shut down by Google?

A: Yes, Youtube Vanced has been shut down by Google. However, alternatives like NewPipe continue to offer similar features.

Youtube Vanced offers a multitude of features and benefits that elevate your online video experience to new heights. This popular modded version of YouTube for Android surpasses the capabilities of the official app, providing users with a range of enhancements that enhance convenience, customization, and overall enjoyment.

One of the standout features of Youtube Vanced is its built-in adblocking capability, allowing you to watch videos without the interruption of advertisements, even without a YouTube Premium subscription. This not only enhances the viewing experience but also saves time and improves overall satisfaction.

Additionally, Youtube Vanced offers a variety of customization options, including the ability to toggle HDR mode, override maximum resolution settings, and choose preferred video playback speed. You can also enjoy pinch-to-zoom functionality, secondary themes such as dark and black, and a true dark theme that reduces eye strain, making it ideal for low-light viewing.

The app goes beyond just playback enhancements, offering convenient gesture controls for adjusting brightness and volume, the ability to skip sponsored segments using SponsorBlock, and time-stamped share links for easy sharing of specific video moments.

Despite being shut down by Google, alternatives like NewPipe continue to provide similar features, ensuring that users can still enjoy the benefits of Youtube Vanced.

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