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Which team qualify ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?

In the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, four teams will be qualified for the Semifinal. As per the Point Table 2019, Australia, India, New Zeland, and England will be qualified for Semifinal.  The equation is not easy. It is different while three more teams have the chance.

Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Srilanka still have the Chance to Play the Cricket World Cup Semifinal 2019. See the Point table first. It will help you compare the team with each other.


Bangladesh and India are playing today. If Bangladesh won the next two Match and England loss the Next Match, Bangladesh will be qualified for the Semifinal.

If Pakistan win the Next Match with big Score and England and Bangladesh lost the Next Match, Pakistan will be qualified for the Semifinal.

Only Bangladesh and Pakistan are available to have a chance to qualify. If Bangladesh loss today, only Pakistan will get a chance to play Semifinal.

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