What to chase banana forever

Charpuka is a small insect of the Sycamid tribe. There is no end to mischief when the house is attacked. Only the sufferers know how painful the pheasant is. An earthen pot is enough to forbid the sleep of peace.

The insect stays at the edges of a bed, mosquito nets, pillows, but they are found in trains and bus seats and they are found in the seats. Although bed insects are one of the preferred habitats – Matres, Sofa and other Asbazotas. Although it is not completely nostalgic, the bark is usually more active at night and it sucks blood in the absence of humans.

Pain from bark bites, pain may start to cause allergic problems. So the bark should be removed from the bedroom as soon as possible. But once the house washed out, it is very difficult to remove it. There are some easy ways to solve this difficult problem.

Let’s see how this tickler can easily escape from the house.

Whatever it takes: Water, Spray Bottle, Datel, Washing Powder (Cloth Wash Detergent).

How to create:

1. Mix two tablespoons of detergent in half a bottle of water.

2. Then give two tablespoons of it with a dotle.

3. Mix all the ingredients well.

4. Spray it in the places where there are barks in the house.

What to do in the chase:

1. You can sprinkle the baking soda or baking powder on the bedroom, in the bedroom, at the Sofa. Baking soda and barricade powder cannot tolerate flavor. As a result, they die. This will reduce the attack on your house a lot.

2. Keep the bed clean regularly. Side effects: Spray lavender oil on the place where the barn is located in your house. After spraying this way for two to three days, the pellet will leave your house.

3. Barks died at roughly 113-degree temperature. If the house is excessive, then wash the clothes of the bed linen, sheets, pillow cover, kantha, and house-feeding areas. The backup will die in it. Or bed linen, pillow, sofa cushion, coating blanket can dry with very dark sunshine. In this, the Carkpoka will run very fast.

4. Most of the incandescent extra-furnace houses have maximum furor impairment. So keep the house tidy up. Sprinkle a little alcohol spray in the prone areas and will die.

5. Do not stop doing these tasks to think that the barb has been removed. Keep doing these tasks once a week. Otherwise, it may appear again in the form of bark.



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