Pohela Boishakh Food: List of Bengali New Year Food

Pohela Boishakh Food

Pohela Boishakh Food is the Popular Queries for the New Generation. The people of this Generation don’t know the Boishakhi Traditional Food Items, Especially the Girls or Women. So, it is very important to provide basic Concept of Boishakhi Food Idea which will help them to Celebrate Pohela Boishakh 2019 with the Main Culture of Bengalis.

In this Article, we are providing some of the Boishakhi Food Items which comfortable for Modern and some other Cultural Foods. So, read the details information from the below.

Pohela Boishakh Food List:

Panta Ilish: Panta Ilish is one of the best Traditional Recipes of Pohela Boishakh. The Panta consists of Rice Socked in Water. This is the top level Pohela Boishakh food.

Ilish Vaja: Ilish Vaja is another Pohela Boishakh Food Items. The Hilsa Fish items fired.

Kacha Aam er Sorbat: It is the Juice of Green Mangos. It is the refreshing juice of green mango which is mostly served with breakfast and lunch. It is a popular Pohela Boishakh Food.

Chot Poti: It is the type of Boisakhi Food which is the source of Vegetable Protein and made by Chilies and Lentils.

Boishakhi Sweets: One types of Boishakhi Sweet made for the Special Day of Pohela Boishakh. Different types of Boishakhi Sweets available for Pohela Bishakh. One type of Sugar-Free Sweet is also available to restrict people.

Pohela Boishakh Greetings 2019: Bengali New Year

It is the Primary Items of Pohela Boishakh Food. There are too many Boishakhi Recipes are available. We have added another Article about the Pohela Boishakh Recipe. If you have some times, Please visit our Home page and Select the Post Category which you may link to Read.  So, State with us and celebrate the Pohela Boishakh with almost Priority. Thank you so much for visiting us. Have a Nice Celebration of Bengali Happy New Year 1426.

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