Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Recovers from a Minor Stroke

Steve Wozniak, known to many as ‘Woz,’ is one of the guys who started Apple, yes, the company that makes iPhones and MacBooks. Recently, while he was in Mexico ready to talk about business stuff, he felt dizzy all of a sudden.

He was smart to quickly go to a hospital, where doctors did some tests and found out he had a minor stroke. Thankfully, it wasn’t too serious, and after a day in the hospital, he was able to fly back home to California.

Wozniak helped to create one of the biggest tech companies in the world back in 1976 with his buddy Steve Jobs. He’s a big deal in the tech world, and even though he left Apple in the ’80s to do his own thing, they still pay him every week. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s about staying connected to the company he helped build.

After leaving Apple, Wozniak didn’t just sit around. He started a company that made a cool remote control, and he’s been involved in all sorts of projects. He even danced on TV on ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ and is now working on a space project to clean up junk floating around Earth.

For a guy who’s done so much, it’s pretty scary to hear he had a health issue. But it’s also a reminder that taking care of your health is super important, no matter who you are. Plus, it’s cool to see that Wozniak is still doing new and exciting things, like his space project. It shows that you can keep creating and having fun at any age.

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