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Kiss Messenger – World’s First Mobile Kiss Messenger

Expressing your love to your partner is the key to strengthen your love bond. But what if you are away from your loved ones. Express your Special feelings to them and make them realize that how much you are missing them. Long-distance relationships are quite painful as you feel several types of insecurities about your relationship. If you are in a long-distance relationship, then you must consider putting your efforts to make your relation strong.

Kiss Messenger

Kissenger is the right solution for this. This first-ever long-distance kissing device provides you golden opportunity to transmit the real sensation of your kiss to your loved one. There does exist a tremendous type of excellent Devices that are merely for people in a long-distance relationship. It may range from an adorable shirt that makes you feel special, just like getting a hug from your spouse. Likewise, it could be a pillow that makes you feel the beat of your loved ones at the time when they are lying on it.

You can relish sending nd receiving kissing instantly without any hurdle when you use Kissenger. It transmits your Special feelings within no time and even lets you receive the kiss from your spouse. All you need to do is to attach this kissing device to your smartphone, and you are all set to use it. It contains the plastic pressure pad, which is the main area where you kiss for transmitting it. It seems just like a gigantic phone dock having a rubber pad. Keep your mouth closer to this pad and press it just like a kiss and it will send as kiss message to him. Brighten the day of your partner through the kiss of love!


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