iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is launching soon and don’t need to wait for a long time to get it. On a report published that Apple’s new iPhone 11 will get on 10 to 20 September 2019. After a press event, it will be launched. The date is known from internal memos that are shared with MacRumors. You can pre-order the new iPhone 11 after September 13 according to the information. Anyone can order the new phone of Apple’s and that will be delivered on 20th September.

Question: When Release iPhone 11?

Answer: 20, September 2019

After many months of rumors, the iPhone will be official on 10th September. On 29th August, Apple sent an invitation for an event on Cupertino Campus. Where the company CEO Tim Cook will be announced three new iPhones. We are expecting a lot about the new launching.

So many rumors were spread on the media about iPhone 11, with the launch of it all rumors will be kicked off. According to a source is known that MacRumors says it has received of other tips suggesting on timeline. There may be a big surprise is waiting for us on the launching event of Apple.

It’s about two weeks away from the official announcement of the new Apple’s phone. Many surprises will become in that event that will be joyful for Apple lovers. The Expectation is very high about the new launch and the event.

New Apple iPhone 11 price: iPhone 11 price starts From $999 US Dollar

New iPhone 11 Hands-on Review

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