How To Use BDIX Speed As The Main Internet Speed

Broadband users are likely familiar with the term BDIX. It’s a term that resonates with many due to the lightning-fast speeds associated with BDIX servers. Ever noticed how some downloads seem to happen in the blink of an eye?

Or perhaps you’ve observed that streaming on platforms like YouTube or Netflix becomes notably faster at times. The reason behind this might surprise you.

What is BDIX

BDIX stands for Bangladesh Internet Exchange. It is a local internet exchange point (IXP) situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which allows Bangladeshi internet service providers (ISPs) to connect their networks and exchange traffic locally.

By doing so, it reduces the need for ISPs to route internet traffic through international paths, which can be both costly and slower. Here are some key points about BDIX:

Cost Efficiency: By allowing local ISPs to interconnect within Bangladesh, BDIX helps reduce the costs associated with international data transfer. This can lead to cost savings for both ISPs and their customers.

Improved Speeds: Local interconnection means that data doesn’t have to travel internationally to reach its destination if both the source and destination are within Bangladesh. This can lead to faster internet speeds, especially for local content.

Support for Local Content: BDIX also hosts servers that store local content, which can be accessed faster and more reliably. This includes popular websites, streaming services, and other online platforms that are popular in Bangladesh.

Growth of Digital Infrastructure: BDIX plays a crucial role in the development and growth of the digital infrastructure in Bangladesh. It supports the government’s vision of a Digital Bangladesh by enhancing the quality and speed of internet services.

Why the Speed Boost?

A significant reason for this boost is that many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) utilize Google’s cache servers. This means when you access content from platforms like Google Drive, the retrieval is from a local cache, leading to faster download speeds.

Imagine being able to harness this speed across all your online activities. Sounds dreamy, right? But it is actually possible. Dont know how? Here it is,

How To Use BDIX Speed As The Main Internet Speed

What if there was a way to channel this BDIX speed throughout your entire system? This means that even routine downloads could be executed at BDIX speeds.

After applying a specific method, you could see speeds jump from a standard 3 megabytes to an impressive 14 megabytes!

For those eager to tap into this potential, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download Proxifier: Begin by downloading a handy tool named Proxifier. Ensure you opt for the standard edition. Once downloaded, install and activate it using the provided key.
  2. Access ProxyBD: Navigate to the ProxyBD site. For convenience, here’s the link: ProxyBD. On this site, Bangladesh and the SOCKS4 server are pre-selected. Simply hit the refresh button, and a list of IPs from various ISPs in Bangladesh will be displayed.
  3. Choose the Right IP: From the displayed list, opt for the IP with the lowest RT time. This ensures optimal speed. Copy this IP and its associated port.
  4. Configure Proxifier: Launch Proxifier and add the copied IP and port. While doing so, ensure the “use SOCKS 4A extension” option is checked. Navigate to Proxification Rules, and ensure the ‘Direct’ option is selected in the Default box. Then, select the IP you’ve set.
  5. Final Steps: Once done, simply minimize Proxifier. It’s crucial not to close it. Now, try downloading or uploading a file as you normally would and witness the enhanced speed!


Now im going to provide some of the most asked questions and their answers below. You may also find your answers so make sure to check them out,

  1. What is BDIX?
    • BDIX stands for Bangladesh Internet Exchange, a local Internet exchange point in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  2. Why was BDIX established?
    • BDIX was established to allow local ISPs in Bangladesh to interconnect and exchange internet traffic locally, reducing costs and improving speeds.
  3. How does BDIX benefit users?
    • BDIX offers faster access to local content, improved internet speeds, and a more reliable connection.
  4. Do all ISPs in Bangladesh connect to BDIX?
    • While many ISPs in Bangladesh connect to BDIX, not all of them do. It’s best to check with individual ISPs.
  5. Can I access international content faster through BDIX?
    • BDIX primarily improves speeds for local content. However, some international content might be cached locally, leading to faster access.
  6. Is there a fee for ISPs to connect to BDIX?
    • Yes, ISPs typically pay a fee to connect to BDIX, which covers operational costs.
  7. How does BDIX differ from other IXPs?
    • BDIX is specific to Bangladesh, focusing on local internet traffic within the country.
  8. Are there any security concerns with BDIX?
    • BDIX, like other IXPs, follows best practices to ensure network security. However, individual user security largely depends on their ISP and personal precautions.
  9. Can individual users directly connect to BDIX?
    • No, BDIX is for ISPs. Individual users access BDIX indirectly through their internet service providers.
  10. How does BDIX impact e-commerce in Bangladesh?
  • Faster and more reliable internet speeds can enhance the user experience on e-commerce platforms, potentially boosting online sales.

It’s essential to note that this method might not be effective for everyone. Specifically, if your ISP doesn’t offer a separate speed allocation for BDIX, you might not notice a significant difference.

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