Friendship Day is celebrating on India, Bangladesh, UAE, & Malaysia

Happy Friendship Day is celebrating on the different countries of Asia. On the First Sunday of August, These countries celebrate Friendship Day. In this Day, Wish your Friends, Best friend, Girlfriend, Boyfriend to celebrate the day. 

People of these countries are currently wishing other people including their Class Friends, Office staff, Best Friends and other Social Media Friends. Today (4th August) is the Friendship Day in India, Bangladesh, and some other countries.

Basically, the day is celebrating in India. Students are celebrating the Day on their College, Universities and also on the other place. They have already wished their Friends early of the day and updating their Status. Some of the people Changed their Profile Picture and cover photo of their Social Media profile.

Different countries celebrate Friendship day on a different schedule. So, this Celebration isn’t for the people of European countries and other countries. Either they have already celebrated or will celebrate later on this year.

We will inform you details about the celebration with separate articles when the celebration will start in your country.