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Independence’ it’s just not a simple word of 12 letters. It’s a word that inspires the finish people to love their country more and more. 6th December is celebrated as the Finland Independence day. People all around the nation celebrate the day with a great festive mood. Before going for other details of this day, we would like to share the history of this day.

History of Finland Independence Day

Once there was a time when Finland was a part of the Russian empire. But they always had a wish to get freedom. That wish transformed into need after the Russian revulsion. So finally that day came. Finland got its independence on December 6th, 1987.

Happy Finland Independence Day Status and quotes

So dear readers would you like to know a famous quote about this day? For sure you would love to hear it, so the quote is-

The people of Finland feel deeply that they cannot fulfill their national duty and their universal human obligations without complete sovereignty. The century-old desire for freedom awaits fulfillment now; The People of Finland has to step forward as an independent nation among the other nations in the world’ 

Another pretty fact is that the finish people have some common status which they share on this day. We will share two of them-

  • Happy Independence Day Finland today 6 December 2018! It’s a privilege to live in this country. We must continue our joint efforts to keep Finland running well in the coming years, too
  • Pledge that the labor of our past heroes shall not be in vain. Feel proud of being part of a prosperous nation. Happy Independence Day 2019

The way finish People celebrate this day

As we said before, it’s not just a day for them. It’s a day, which reminds them of their history. So obviously they have some special traditions to celebrate this very special day. Are you eager to know the traditions? Most probably you are. So here we start-

  1. Candles– There is a two-color candle that the finish people use on this day. The two colors are white and blue. They mainly place two candles, which reflect the Finish nationalism.
  2. Having a fancy dinner- yes, obviously you guessed it. People all around the world have a habit of cooking their traditional dishes on their special day. Finish people also do the same. They used to cook several dishes on this day. But most known ones are gingerbread cookies or puffy plum tarts
  3. Reception from the president– This is the thing which they love most. The president of Finland uses to arrange a reception in the prudential castle at exactly 7 pm. People who get an invitation, they remain present. Those who don’t get the invitation, watch the reception on Television.


It’s quite tough to explain all the things about this very special day. But the ultimate target is to make our readers know the history of this day. Most importantly our target is to make everyone know how important this day is to the Finish People.

History of Finland (Video)

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