21 February Photo

February 21st is an important day in Bangladesh’s history as it is celebrated as “International Mother Language Day” in the country. The day is observed worldwide to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

In Bangladesh, this day holds special significance as it marks the anniversary of the Language Movement Day, also known as Ekushey February. On this day in 1952, students and activists protested against the then-Pakistani government’s decision to impose Urdu as the only official language of East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh). The protests resulted in a tragic event when the police opened fire on the protesters, killing many young students. This event sparked a movement that eventually led to the recognition of Bangla as an official language of East Pakistan and later, Bangladesh.

Today, International Mother Language Day is observed in Bangladesh with events and cultural programs celebrating the country’s linguistic diversity and paying tribute to those who fought for the recognition of Bangla as an official language.

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