Why Abdu Rozik is Short?

Are you a fan of Abdu Rozik and want to know why Abdu Rozik is short? He has a health problem which is Growth Hormone Deficiency and Rickets and this is the reason why his height is not growing.

He has talked about his condition which you will find below. But before that let’s find out a little bit of information about him.

Who is Abdu Rozik

Born with challenges that could have easily deterred many, Abdu’s story is a testament to resilience and determination. From his humble beginnings in Gizhdarva, Panjakent to his meteoric rise to fame on platforms like Bigg Boss 16, his journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Despite his physical stature, a result of rickets, Abdu’s spirit has remained undeterred, making him a beacon of hope for many. His family, especially his gardener father, Savriqul Muhammad, and mother, Rooh Afza, have been his pillars of strength.

While his professional achievements, from singing to his YouTube presence, are commendable, it’s his personal journey that resonates with me the most.

The way he embraced his unique identity, turning potential setbacks into stepping stones, is truly motivational. With an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2023, Abdu’s success is not just measured in monetary terms but in the countless hearts he has touched.

As I reflect on his achievements, from music to his stint in reality TV, and his battles against physical and societal challenges, I’m reminded of the power of perseverance and the magic of self-belief.

You can know much more about him in Abdu Rozik Biography.

Why Abdu Rozik Is Short?

Why Abdu Rozik Is Short?
Photo: Instagram

Abdu Rozik, the social media sensation, and Bigg Boss 16 participant has experienced remarkable growth in his height since relocating from Tajikistan to the United Arab Emirates.

Despite looking like a 7 or 8-year-old child, Abdu is actually 19 years old and was previously 94 cm tall. He suffers from Growth Hormone Deficiency and Rickets. However, he recently celebrated a miraculous growth spurt, sharing his excitement with his fans.

Abdu mentioned, “Alhamdulillah, I am definitely growing… I had less than a 0.1 chance to grow but Mashallah I am growing and this miracle has really made such a difference to my life.”

He expressed gratitude for the growth, which increased his height from 94cm to 100.5cm and his shoe size from 24 to 27. This growth has also made him eligible to apply for a driving license in certain countries.

Abdu attributes this positive change to the immense love, support, and prayers he received from his fans and well-wishers.

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