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Vitamin A plus campaign has started today

Vitamin A plus campaign 2019 has started today. Health workers and volunteers will feed the capsules to around 2.2 crore children nationwide. All the Guardian need to visit their nearest health complex, Medical or local center to feed the A Plus Capsules to their Children. 

Vitamin A Plus capsule is very important for between six months to five years of children. They have must need this Vitamin. It keeps all children healthy and also from night-blindness. Most of the people from Dhaka City miss this and village side people also.

The Vitamin A Plus Capsule is Free for every Bangladeshi Citizen. Bangladeshi Health Minister Zahid Malik inaugurated the program at Dhaka Shishu Hospital at 8 am of today.

Contact your Health officer of the location where you are living to know the date on your location. You can also visit your nearest Health Complex of Word, Upazilla, or Medial to get the details Schedule for your location.


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