South Park Criticizes Disney for Delaying Snow White Over Casting Controversy

In a recent episode of “South Park,” the animated series took a jab at Disney for its approach to casting in the upcoming Snow White remake. The episode, titled “Joining the Pandaverse,” aired on Paramount+ and featured a scene where the main characters of “South Park” were portrayed by a diverse group of women.

This scene turned out to be a nightmare experienced by one of the characters, Cartman, about Disney’s “forced wokeness” in productions.

The controversy began earlier this year when Disney announced its remake of Snow White, set to release in March. The casting of Rachel Zegler in the lead role sparked discussions, especially after her comments criticizing the original 1937 Snow White film.

Zegler pointed out the outdated elements of the original story, particularly the love story aspect, and mentioned that the new version would take a different approach.

South Park” used this scenario to critique what they perceive as Disney’s overemphasis on political correctness and diversity in its movies.

The episode specifically mentioned Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, with Cartman blaming her for the perceived decline in the quality of Disney movies.

This episode of “South Park” has stirred conversations online, with social media users sharing their opinions through posts and memes.

The show’s satirical take on Disney’s casting choices and the broader film industry’s push for diversity and inclusion has once again highlighted the ongoing debate about representation in media and the balance between staying true to original stories and adapting them for modern audiences.

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