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Aria Gauthami, known in the Aria Kpop world simply as Aria, is a notable figure due to her unique position as one of the few Indian artists in the Korean pop industry. Born and raised in India, Aria’s journey to the pinnacle of the K-pop industry is nothing short of inspiring. Here’s a comprehensive look into the life and career of this budding star.

Aria Gauthami (Aria Kpop) Early Life and Background:

Aria Gauthami, at the tender age of 20, has already made significant strides in the world of music. A devout Hindu by religion, she remains unmarried and is focused on her burgeoning career.

Aria Kpop Career Highlights:

  • The K-pop Sensation: Aria’s claim to fame is her role as the youngest member, or “Maknae,” of X:IN, an all-girl K-pop band. Her unique position in the band has made her a standout, not just because of her talent but also due to her Indian heritage.
  • Trailblazer: Aria holds the distinction of being the second Indian K-pop idol, following in the footsteps of Sriya from BLACK SWAN. Moreover, she’s celebrated as the first Malayali K-pop singer, marking a significant milestone for the Indian community in the K-pop industry.
  • Brain Behind the Name: The name X:IN, which means “to go further” in Latin, was Aria’s brainchild. She believed the name perfectly encapsulated the band’s vision and aspirations.
  • Journey to Stardom: Aria’s dream of becoming a Korean artist saw her training under GBK Entertainment from January 1, 2022, to February 11, 2023. Although initially selected for the girl group MEP-C, she later withdrew due to personal reasons. However, destiny had other plans. Joining ESCROW Entertainment on February 11, 2023, she was unveiled as the final member of X:IN on March 8, 2023.
  • Musical Milestones: X:IN’s debut music video, “Keeping The Fire,” released on April 11, 2023, was an instant hit, amassing 97K views within the first 24 hours. This success was preceded by their pre-debut single, “Who Am I,” which was launched on March 12, 2023.
  • Viral Sensation: Aria’s distinctive looks and ethnicity have made her a sensation, especially on Korean and Chinese forums, where she often goes viral.
  • Historic Debut: Aria made history by becoming the first Indian to perform on the renowned South Korean music program, SBS Inkigayo, with X:IN’s “Keeping The Fire.”

Aria Kpop Personal Insights:

A polyglot, Aria is fluent in four languages: Hindi, English, Malayalam, and Korean. She cherishes solitude, often seeking moments alone to introspect and gather her thoughts.

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Aria Kpop Biography:

Attribute Details
Full Name Gauthami
Popularly Known As Ami [2]
Profession Actress, K-pop Singer
Famous For Being the maknae (youngest member) of the Korean band, X:IN; Being the second Indian K-pop idol to debut in the Korean pop industry
Height 160 cm, 1.60 m, 5’ 3”
Weight 43 kg, 94 lbs
Figure Measurements 30-26-30
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Talent Agencies GBK Entertainment (January 1, 2022 – February 11, 2023), ESCROW Entertainment (From February 11, 2023)
Film Debut Melvilasom (The Address) (2011; Malayalam) as Ammu
Music Debut Album: Keeping The Fire (April 11, 2023)
Date of Birth 12 March 2003 (Wednesday)
Age (as of 2023) 20 Years
Birthplace Kerala, India
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Dietary Preferences Non-Vegetarian [3]
Marital Status Unmarried
Known Relationships Name not known (Details not specified)
Parents Father- Name not known, Mother- Name not known
Band Name Origin Aria suggested X:IN, which translates to “to go further” in Latin
Training Period Trained under GBK Entertainment from January 1, 2022, to February 11, 2023
Previous Group Affiliation Initially selected for MEP-C but withdrew for personal reasons
Current Group Final member of X:IN, revealed on March 8, 2023
Debut Music Video Performance “Keeping The Fire” on April 11, 2023, with 97K views in 24 hours
Languages Spoken Fluent in Hindi, English, Malayalam, and Korean
Unique Attributes Aria’s distinct looks and ethnicity have garnered attention in Korean and Chinese forums
Notable Performances Debuted on SBS Inkigayo, becoming the first Indian artist on the show
Personal Preferences Values solitude and introspection

Aria Kpop – Aria Gauthami (English Interview)



FAQs About Aria Gauthami

    1. How old is Aria Gauthami?
      • Aria is 20 years old.
    2. Which K-pop band is Aria a part of?
      • She is a member of X:IN.
    3. What is Aria’s role in X:IN?
      • She is the youngest member or “maknae” of the band.
    4. How many languages can Aria speak?
      • Aria is fluent in Hindi, English, Malayalam, and Korean.
    5. When did Aria join X:IN?
      • Aria was revealed as a member of X:IN on March 8, 2023.
    6. What was X:IN’s debut song?
      • Their debut song is “Keeping The Fire.”
    7. Which entertainment company is Aria associated with?
      • Aria is currently with ESCROW Entertainment.
    8. Is Aria the first Indian in K-pop?
      • No, she is the second after Sriya of BLACK SWAN.
    9. What is the meaning of X:IN?
      • X:IN means “to go further” in Latin.
    10. When did Aria start her training in K-pop?
    • She began her training on January 1, 2022.

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