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World Ten Celebrity Charged Of Seeking Marital Relationship For Money

7. Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner is undoubtedly a charismatic man, but it is still weird to see how an 84-year-old is able to marry a woman in her mid-20s unless there is some kind of interest from her part. There was a 60-year gap between Hefner and Harris, which suggests that Crystal might have been more interested in Hefner´s 5 million mansions at Hollywood.

6. Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson

Ever since Eric Johnson and singer Jessica Simpson got married, the former NFL Player has been unemployed. Currently, still unemployed, Eric has formed a family that includes two children with Jessica. Despite all of this. Jessica does not feel that her marriage was a wrong choice and says that her previous marriage to Nick Lachey affected her negatively money wise.

5. Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

After their split, Wiz Khalifa hinted that his relationship with Amber Rose had been all about money and interest, and despite having a kid together! It is also said that her previous relationship with rapper Kanye West ended because she plotted to steal a huge amount from him back at the day. After her split with Khalifa, Amber has been dating a lot of popular (and rich) men, Amber has indeed an ideal type of men in her mind.

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