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World Ten Celebrity Charged Of Seeking Marital Relationship For Money

Celebrities tend to earn a lot of money once they become famous, some of these celebrities get too attached to the big paychecks that they start to fear that one day they won´t be able to maintain their lavish lifestyle anymore. so they see themselves forced to join in marriage with people that have a more established network. These celebrities are rumored to be marrying in order to get an economic benefit instead of marrying for love, in some cases, this behavior tends to be repetitive, and we see certain celebrities doing it again and again. Here there is a list of ten celebs accused of pursuing marriage for money.

10. Miranda Kerr (and her list of men)

Miranda Kerr´s relationship with Orlando Bloom was believed to be a long-lasting one, but we were all surprised when the couple split, coincidentally, around the time of Bloom´s career started to die and his popularity started to fade, then Kerr started a relationship with a famous billionaire, James Packer, this relationship, however, didn´t work as expected for Miranda. After those failures. Miranda set her eyes on Evan Spiegel, and his remarkable net worth, this relationship lasts until this day.

9. Kevin Federline and Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline had a short but wild relationship after he left his then-pregnant girlfriend, his relationship with Britney Spears left her with two sons after they got a divorce. Britney later went on to admit that their relationship had been a huge mistake even though she was glad to have her babies. It was reported that until Federline married again, he received $20,000 per month from Britney.

8. Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills decided to get divorced after 4 nice years of marriage, the situation got tense because Heather Mills demanded the music legend $250 million for both, her and her daughter, however, things did not go the way she planned it because she only got the humble amount of $33 million-plus the required amount to cover education expenses. Mills later declared that she was disappointed given the fact that McCartney has a net worth that surpasses the billion.

7. Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner is undoubtedly a charismatic man, but it is still weird to see how an 84-year-old is able to marry a woman in her mid-20s unless there is some kind of interest from her part. There was a 60-year gap between Hefner and Harris, which suggests that Crystal might have been more interested in Hefner´s 5 million mansions at Hollywood.

6. Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson

Ever since Eric Johnson and singer Jessica Simpson got married, the former NFL Player has been unemployed. Currently, still unemployed, Eric has formed a family that includes two children with Jessica. Despite all of this. Jessica does not feel that her marriage was a wrong choice and says that her previous marriage to Nick Lachey affected her negatively money wise.

5. Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

After their split, Wiz Khalifa hinted that his relationship with Amber Rose had been all about money and interest, and despite having a kid together! It is also said that her previous relationship with rapper Kanye West ended because she plotted to steal a huge amount from him back at the day. After her split with Khalifa, Amber has been dating a lot of popular (and rich) men, Amber has indeed an ideal type of men in her mind.

4. Usher and Tameka Foster

Tameka Foster, a then stylist, married R&B legend Usher, after two years of marriage and two kids, the couple divorced. Even though the reasons behind their divorce are not widely known, it was reported that Tameka kept living at Usher´s mansion for years and currently supports herself thanks to the child support money given by Usher, which is around $8,000.

3. Kim Kardashian (and her list of men)

Nowadays Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular celebrities in the world, but when did the socialité start to increase in popularity (and wealth)? Kris K reportedly earns around $2 million from her marriage to former NBA player Kris Humphries, their wedding was a quite expensive one. After their divorce, the same story happened with rapper (and millionaire) Kanye West, this time she earned a little bit more, approximately $21 million.

2. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp gave up on his relationship with French actress Vanessa Paradis, with whom he had a daughter in order to start a new one with his co-star in the Rum Diary, actress Amber Heard. Their marriage lasted less than two years, after the divorce, she demanded the movie star to give her $50,00 in order to maintain her lifestyle, despite being her successful acting career.

1. Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

After Berry and Aubry split up, Aubry managed to keep custody of their daughter, ever since Aubry has been receiving a considerable amount of $16,000 from Berry to cover the Child Support, however, Aubry has been using this money to cover his expenses as well, in other words, Aubry has been living off Halle Berry´s salary for years already.

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