World Most Dangerous And Terrible Railroads List 2019 – [Video]

World Most Dangerous And Terrible Railroads

Hi dear Visitor, Have a nice Day. Today we are going to show you about some Dangerous And Terrible Railroads in the world that you didn’t know before. These railroads are so exciting and terrifying that you never thought.

In the world, most of the country has a rail communication system. The railway is media of transportation. There is no doubt that after discovering railway communication become easier. There are few countries in the world where the rail communication system is very dangerous. Let’s see where these places are located.

World Most Dangerous And Terrible Railroads List

1. Maeklong Railway Market, Thailand:

In the world, the Maeklong Railway market is one of the most dangerous railroads. The railway area is situated in the middle of the local market. It is one of the largest sea food markets in Thailand. When the train comes, all people in the market are moved, after the trains gone they come back again in the market.

2. Burma Railway, Thailand:

Burma railway is known as the death trap. During World War 2 Japan’s emperors built this railway. Total 1,10,000 people have died in the construction of this railway, which full length is 588 meters long.

3. Indian Railway, India:

The highest number of people is traveling by train in India. There are remote trains in different areas in the country. In India, every year 25 thousand people died for the reason of train.

4. Bangladesh Railway, Bangladesh:

In Asia, this is very common to travel by train to the roof. Because of the huge passenger to the train, the journey becomes risky and unlawful but the government has never taken any action. In Bangladesh, many people have died for risky travel.

5. Ecuador Railway, Ecuador:

The Narcisse de Caballo railway is in Ecuador. This railway is very dangerous. It was built in 1899 and many people died while building it. Its maximum height is 11,841 feet. It’s called the Devil’s nose. It is one of the most dangerous railroads.

6. Pamban Bridge, India:

The Ramban Bridge is 6,776 feet long and situated at Rameswaram. The bridge is made on the sea and Indian trains are a ride on it. The area is cyclone prone so the journey by this railway is too risky.

7. Kuranda Railway, Australia:

One of the world’s most treating railways is Kuranda railway in Australia. In 1882 its construction began to facilitate mining work. Many peoples lost their lives during the construction.

8. Gelmerbahn Funicular Railways, Switzerland:

The railway is very unsafe and narrow. It is the world’s second largest narrow railway. Riding on the railroads, it seems like roller- coaster riding.

9. Yukon Route, Alaska:

Alaska’s White Pass and Yukon Route rail journey is deadly. There is a steel bridge of 18.6 miles 3,000 feet in height. It was the world’s tallest cantilever bridge, until the year 1969. The work began for built in 1898 and complete in 1906.

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