World Humanitarian Day 2021: Theme, History and Significance

World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day is marked on August 19 annually to honor humanitarians across the planet. The day is determined to pay tribute to those that sacrificed their lives despite the percentages and still gives protection and life-saving support to individuals in want. Every year, the United National General Assembly marks the event with a brand new theme.



For the year 2021, World Humanitarian Day sheds lightweight on the climate crisis and its immediate human value. The aim is to mount pressure on world leaders to initiate purposeful steps to challenge global climate change and save the foremost vulnerable individuals within the world. On its official website, the planet body said, “With most climate campaigns centered on fastness global climate change and securing the planet’s future, World Humanitarian Day 2021 can highlight the immediate human value of the climate crisis and pressure world leaders to require purposeful climate action for the world’s most vulnerable individuals.”


This day was determined within the memory of the 2003 bomb attack on the Canal building in Bagdad, Iraq, that claimed twenty-two lives, as well as the chief humanitarian in Iraq, Sergio Vieira DE Mello. World Humanitarian Day may be a result of the works of a foundation ordered by DE Mello together with his family operating with co-humanitarians like France, Swiss Confederation, Japan, and Brazil in Geneva and big apple. The ambassadors worked to steer the draft resolution beneath the international organization, General Assembly.

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The world organization established World Humanitarian Day to acknowledge the sacrifice of DE Mello and plenty of humanitarians like him. The world organization General Assembly formalized August nineteen as World Humanitarian Day in 2009.


Humanitarians represent an oversized variety of individuals who risk their lives to support numerous humanitarian causes and save others. The square measure they’re regarded to be the those that are the primary ones to react to such world crises and therefore the last ones to go away. They’re liable for strengthening international humanitarian comebacks. Individuals celebrate the day across the planet by making awareness around the cause. Campaigns that facilitate individuals square measure sponsored by personal and co-corporations and supported by humanitarians across the planet.

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