World 7 Female Celebrities Made Famous By Their Body Parts

Kim Kardashian’s Butt

And now it’s the turn of the person best known for her enormously big butt! Although you know for sure which person we are talking about, we’ll confirm your thought that this is Kim Kardashian. In the development of her career, it was as if the size of her butt was developing. At first, many found it seductive, but now we come across a lot of comments that her appearance is tasteless. Either way, we can’t help but notice that part of her body. Maybe that’s what she wanted to accomplish. If so, she succeeded in intent.

Miley Cyrus’ Abs

Oh my god, we must not forget Miley Cyrus and her abs. We don’t think it needs to be over – commented, it’s clear it is hard to achieve. But how does she manage? Do you want to look like that, too? Well, you’ll have to work out. It didn’t happen to her overnight either.

Christina Hendricks’ Chest

We must not forget a person who has breasts that resemble two large pillows! Yes, it’s about Christina Hendricks. We can’t dispute that she is talented, but we also cannot remain silent and pretend not to see what her breasts look like. Well, everything can’t be perfect, that’s how life is.

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