Why Trial Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys Are the Best Type of Lawyers When Charged with A Crime


In this guide, we’re going to talk about lawyers. No, not divorce lawyers, or just basic DUI lawyers, we’re going to give you some advice on why a trial experienced criminal defense lawyer may be your best option when charged with a crime that can deeply impact your future. There are all types of lawyers out there, including the one that’s going to prosecute you in a case, so you need to have a good defensive team that is going to back you up as much as possible.

The Prosecution is NOT on Your Side

Prosecution attorneys aren’t there to help you. And what you can and say will be held against you in a court of law. Even if you can just sit there and plead the fifth amendment, they’ll be able to use that against you. Does this mean you should defend yourself? Not alone, definitely not. That’s what a defense lawyer is for.

They’re there to show you the various options that you can take because we have a bad habit of further incriminating ourselves, even if we just state the truth because we think it will help things. Having a defense attorney can keep the prosecution from twisting anything you say that can cause more severe cases. Not only this, but your defense lawyer can work with the prosecution to barter for different charges if possible as well.

What a Defense Lawyer Actually Does

Aside from bargaining and negotiating with prosecuting lawyers, good defense lawyers can come up with other viable solutions other than what you’re being charged for. They know you and try to get to know you well. They’ll help you not feel as stressed and let you know that what happened to you is something that you don’t have to be scared of, and provide reassurance that they’ll do everything they can to help you.

Lawyers Know More than You

Representing yourself is dangerous. You can be a defense lawyer yourself, and it’s still dangerous to try and represent yourself without a defense lawyer being hired. Why do we say that? When you’re put in the “hot seat”, you may often not remember or not know about laws that criminal defense lawyers have literally gotten a degree in order to get.

Not only that, but they’ve normally had years of handling cases like yours of all types, so they can try and offer at least a good plea bargain versus when it’s the right time to plead guilty or not. They also have more connections and are normally the ones that will hire professional unbiased investigators to see if the prosecution has a solid case against you.


Knowing when to hire a defense attorney is one of the main things, you’ll need to know also that people don’t think about. If you have a DUI or a serious charge against you that is even a remote felony pending, you may want to consider it. Otherwise, you might want to talk to legal counsel but not for something minor.

For example, if you got a minor in possession of alcohol but had no legal proof you were drinking, you probably don’t need a defense attorney, as it will cost you more than you will even pay in a court fee or fine. But for any other serious case, you can call a criminal defense lawyer and they’ll gladly give you consultation on whether you need their services or not. For example, you can check out LibertyLawyers.com Free Legal Consultation.

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