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What is actually in the mysterious jinn palace of Madina (Video)

You are sitting in the car in the car, yet the car is running. Walking is not normal, vice versa! It’s just wrong to say that, the speed of the car is increasing slowly, now your work just keep steering the car right. Though it seems to be a miracle, the incident happened on the path of the mysterious genie of Medina. The mysterious hills of the soil. It is known to humans as the hill of jinn. Arabs, however, do not say this mountain as the hill of jinn. The name of this hill is called Wadi alAbayyaz or Wadi al Bayza. Wadi is called the small canals of water accumulation. A small canal was lifted from this hill of Medina. Although now dry, dry. However, the water accumulated during the rainy season is quite sweet.

The location of the alleged Wadi al-Jinn is 45 kilometers northwest of Medina city. Some days out of Medina, some date palaces have to be crossed in the area. After the date palm, the hill path The hills in this area are also an exception. The hill of the hill, on the hill, sharp peacock standing on the ground. Looks like this will collapse; But not Such hills are not seen in Mecca, Medina or other areas of Ta’if. The pitch-laden road has passed through the hills. And the surprise surprise that is hidden in that road.
Where the engine is closed, but the cars start to move against the slopes. And the speed of the car is not low, but it is automatically 80 to 100 kilometers speed automatically. Not only do not drive, water bottles or water, when you put shoes, it also moves towards the opposite side of the ramp. This is not a story, facts about reality

However, when the entry of the Wadi Al Jin area, the vehicle was to get some velocity. Holding only steering while leaving. The roads in the Wadi al-Jinn area are not very high, yet the ears stop from you in the show, and when you stand down on the slopes, it seems that someone is pushing from behind; It is a mythical thing that I am the mysterious subject of mountains, mountains, and mountains. Some people think that there is plenty of magnetic material in the place. But the question is – How does magnet attract water, water bottles or shoes? Many people say again, this is the jingoism!

Locals have no solution to these issues. As a result, many folklore is common in this. As the car’s Arab driver Ali Ahmad Aas Salmi said, ‘There is no gene-tin here, it is’ Ard Muqaddas’ or holy soil. The plane can not go over this mountain. Upon this mountain, the Prophet (peace be upon him) invited the jinns to Islam. Then some of the genes went to flee to naughty. Later, the elderly took special measures to prevent their shifting from turning their way. So everything goes on the opposite. “However, there is no evidence of such incidents in the history of Islam. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave the invitation to the jinn to Islam in Mecca. It is proven by the hadith. But there is no evidence of such incident with the jinn in Madinah.

At present, Wadi Al Jinn area is getting acquainted as a tourist spot. Local Arabs came to spend their holiday here. There are several small car rental shops in many places. From there, there is a chance to see how the car is running on the opposite side of the car.
In 2009-2010, the Saudi government plans to build a road in Wadi Al Bayda. But after working up to 30 kilometers, the problem started. Suddenly, road construction equipment is gradually moving towards the city of Medina. As if an invisible power device is pushing towards Medina. Even the heavy rollers of the pitch cast are slowly climbing up the slopes while closing down. The mysterious hills of Middin: The workers who are watching these things are afraid, they refuse to work. As a result, the construction of the road was stopped. Where the roads are closed the huge steep black hills surrounded It has been arranged to reach Madinah on the footpath in the foothills of the hill. Although the road was supposed to be 200 kilometers, the construction work was stopped for only 40 kilometers.

There is a lot of curiosity among the people around the mountain of the jin. Many tourists from different countries came here to see the mountain. After the pilgrimage, many of the pilgrims who came to Medina, gathered the crowd to see the rocky hills. The famous mountain is known as the hill of the jinn, the magic of mountains, or the mountains of the magnet, whether it is known to be an astonishing surprise of the world. The mystery of this wonder is unknown. Curiosity to see the place increases further. But there is no way to meet this curiosity. With such displeasure, the visitor has to return. Just as we did not get answers to many questions!

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