Vaping Subcultures: What’s Your Vaper Style?

Since electronic cigarettes burst into the scene, smokers have not looked back. The vaping community is now a big industry with many “professionals”. Who would have thought that would ever happen?

It wasn’t until sometime in 2007 that e-cigars started gaining ground in the market. Since then, global sales of e-cigars (aka, shisha) have been skyrocketing the market into a multi-billion-dollar industry.

E-cigars are electronic devices used by smokers to inhale an aerosol containing tobacco. The act of using e-cigars is known as “vaping”. “Vapers” is the technical name for people who vape. Today, the vape nation has become a distinct cultural group with diverse vaping subcultures. What’s your vaper style?

Types of Vapers (Vaper Styles)

The vaping community has witnessed people from all walks of life indulge in the habit. Like any other new-found recreational activity, people in the vaping act have different skill sets.

Here are the different types (styles) of vaper: Flavorists, cloud chasers, tricksters, casual vapers, hobbyists, and mentors.


These are vapers who are all in for electronic hookah because of the flavors. Flavorists are also known as flavor chasers. To them, shisha-smoking is all about exploring new flavors to bring variety into the game. They don’t stick to one particular flavor for so long.

Flavorists may have large collections of assorted flavors, but that would never kill their desire to acquire even more exotic flavors such as Blueberry or Strawberry Mint.

Cloud Chasers

Their names rightly describe what they do. Cloud Chasers are competitive vapers who are experienced in creating aerosol clouds with their electronic cigarettes.

During the last couple of years, cloud chasing evolved into a vaping sport. The competitors normally try to create the largest and most magnificent vapor plumes.

If on the other hand, they’re not competing, then they just vape for fun. Some manufacturers design special vape-pens for cloud chasers so that they can create thicker vapor clouds.


Vape tricksters are skillful in using vapes to draw out paper clouds of different shapes (examples rings and balls). Their style is slightly different from cloud chasers who are after huge volumes of clouds.

Tricksters can perform jaw-dropping tricks, like blowing out vapor from their noses and mouths at the same time.


Hobbyists are vapers who see smoking as a pastime. Name any kind of vaping device or accessory…they have one at their disposal—namely vape mods, pens, e-liquids, etc.

It’s common to see hobbyists spend a lot of time and money just on vaping tools. Even though they may not be able to use all devices in their stock, the mere sight of their collections delights their hearts.


Mentors are the vaping pros, experts and historians. These people know virtually everything about vapes inside out. Mentors gladly answer frequently asked questions about vapes, because they have been in the business for so long. They speak from their own professional and personal experience.

Casual Vapers

These are people who are not fully committed to vaping. But once a while they may step out to enjoy some vapor.

In conclusion, now that you have learned about the vaping subcultures and vaping styles, you should be able to guess your vaper style.