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Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in India 2020

New India Assurance Company Limited

New India Assurance Company Limited – is a company that offers health insurance coverage, which includes animal bite vaccination benefits, ambulance expenses, yearly health check-ups, organ transplant coverage, and much more.

Oriental Insurance Company Limited

Oriental Insurance Company Limited – Founded back in 1947, this fully government-owned company offers cost-effective healthcare coverage for both patients and customers. The products that were provided for this company was designed to provide customers in India. What makes this company unique among the top health insurance companies on this list is that they don’t require medical examinations up to 60 years of age.

National Insurance Company Limited

National Insurance Company Limited – is a company that allows senior citizens to visit their nearby hospitals on a daily basis due to various diseases. The health insurance plan provides no medical screening, medical consultation, pre-existing illness coverage, lifelong renewals, hospitalization coverage, and many more.


After reading about each health insurance company, selecting the right one can be a bit difficult. Choosing one or two health companies that interest you will leave you in a tough spot. You may be asking yourself, “Which health insurance company is a good fit for me going forward?” Don’t sweat it. By reading the policy rules and searching for the right health benefits, you will know which health insurance is right for you. Finally, always make sure to double-check and do a background check on each health insurance company before making a settlement. Not all health companies provide good coverage. Don’t wait for health companies to choose insurance that is not for you. Go and protect you and your families’ future.

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