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Top 10 Female Bodybuilders around the world (2020)

When it comes to bodybuilding, many imagine a picture of a muscular man, and this is quite obvious. But what if, instead of men, we think about strong women? Female bodybuilders – beauty or ugliness? It would seem that bodybuilding is not a female sport at all, but this fact did not stop some ladies. Who are women bodybuilders? We present to your attention a selection of TOP-10 powerful women bodybuilders.

Female Bodybuilders around the world (2020)

  1. Kim Chizevsky

American sportswoman bodybuilder. She belongs to those strong women who managed to achieve stunning success in the early stages of their careers. Who would have thought that a young girl who started her sport with acrobatics in 3 years would become a professional at IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding Fitness). Despite the fact that after the birth of two children, Kim ended her sports career, she did not leave the sport and organizes competitions.

2. Claudia Pires

She simply cannot imagine her life without bodybuilding and training. The Brazilian athlete, despite her age, has a perfectly pumped figure and constantly catches the enthusiastic looks of those around her.

3. Rosemary Jennings

This athlete in early childhood realized that sport is her life goal, and she began to engage in bodybuilding in her youth. Thanks to her passion, which has grown into something more, Jennings is popular all over the world.


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