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The most harmful ray is emitted from Xiaomi MI A1 mobile

Xiaomi MI A1 – The most harmful rays emanate from the Xiaomi MI A1 mobile. There is the Vanplus Five in this list. This information has come out recently from a research of the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection.

According to Indian technology-based media gazette 360 degrees, statistics from the German company’s research have made the list of smartphones most harmful to emit. It shows that most of the smartphones in the list and Shawomi and Vanplus brands are also listed.


On the other hand, Samsung has topped the list of the less harmful ray emissions. In particular, Samsung Galaxy Note Eight and ZTE Exxon Elite Smartphones emit the least harmful rays.

Xiaomi MI A1

According to the statistics published in the statistics, it is found that 1 to 74 watt of lethal radiation emits from every kilogram of Xiaomi MI A1. The second place in the list contains 1 decimal 68 watts from the VanPlus Five. The third position is that Xiaomi Mi. Max 3 emits from 1 to 58 watts.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note-Eighth, which emits the less harmful rays, releases at least 17 decimal watt of kilograms per kilogram.



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