Take a look at some unknown information in Singapore

1. The country’s national anthem is written behind Singapore’s one thousand dollar notes. Singapore’s national anthem is in Malay, ‘Majula Singapore’ or moves forward to Singapore.

2. Singapore has four official languages. English, Mandarin, Malé also have the Tamil language.

3. Singaporeans use the word ‘la’ at the end of most of the words. It’s like saying ‘Ok’ to ‘Ok-La’, ‘Thanqu’ while saying ‘Thanqu-la’

4 If there are five or more people to be gathered anywhere, then the rules of the police have to be accepted.

5. Singapore is called Lion City or Lion City. In reality, there is no single lion in Singapore.

6. It is illegal to gather more than two people after 10 pm.

7. There is only one team in Singapore. The name of the party is ‘People’s Action Party’. Since 1959, ‘People’s Action Party’ is in power in the country. This team runs the vote.

8. Homosexuality is illegal here, but gambling is legally binding. In 2010, a 40-year-old man was fined $ 3,000 for public sex offense for oral sex with a 28-year-old youth.

9. Singapore has changed the time zone from 6 times since 1905. In 1982 Singapore changed its time zones to the last time. Now Singapore’s time is eight hours ahead of GMT.

10. Singaporeans are the fastest walking speed in the world. In 10.55 seconds Singaporean people walk 18 meters, that means 6.15 kilometers per hour. There is an average of 5 kilometers per hour for the Indian pace.

11. In 2005, Singapore made law enforcement to Juan.

12. Singaporeans can be punished legally, even if they are naked in their own homes. Because, according to the law, anyone who was nude, would be charged against the person who was nude.

13. There is a lot of restriction on selling sex toys or pornographic magazines. Bonding for sex toys or pornographic magazines or fine 3 months of fine and fine money is fine.

14. Unlawful work in Singapore trying suicide. People are jailed in Singapore for failing to commit suicide under section 309 of the Penal Code.

15. Internet pornography has strict restrictions.

16. Downloading songs or movies on the Internet is a punishable offense. In 2006, two Singaporean citizens were arrested for downloading songs.

17. Legally punished offense involving someone without permission.

18. Singapore’s nickname is City of Fine City or penalties. Because there are fines for various small reasons here.

19. One of the biggest thunderstorms in the world is Singapore. On average, this city falls on average 171 times a year.

20. Since 1992, chewing gum in Singapore is banned. Because of the difficulties of chewing gum pedestrians.

21. Singaporeans cleaned the dinner in the evening at 7:30.

22. Somewhere in Singapore, there is a car in front of the parking lot, the front behind it, the front is facing backward.
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