World’s Strongest Man – The Strongest Man in the World 2020

Plane pull Between the USA and Poland 

This event was organized in the airbase of the USA air force of the USA army, which is situated in West Virginia. In that competition, the competitors had to pull an airplane of the USA air force across 100 fit distances.

  1. Mariusz Pudzianowski from Polland (Time: 36.67 seconds) – Morning shows the day. This guy from Poland started his walking with full confidence and without facing any problem he completed his task in just 36.67 seconds.
  2. Phil Phister from the USA (Time: 37.66 seconds) – The strong man of the USA! He started with great support from the entire crowd. But unfortunately, he took some extra seconds and became second.
  3. Derek Poundstone from the USA (Time: 38.67) – Another guy from the USA. The negative thing of him was, in the middle of his pulling his speed suddenly slowed a bit. That sudden slow pulling made him 3rd.

Worlds Strongest Man Epic C-130 Hercules Plane Pull USA vs POLAND

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