World’s Strongest Man – The Strongest Man in the World 2020

Do you know who is the strongest man in your area? Yes, you might no. But do you know who is the strongest man in the whole universe? If you don’t know, then this event is here to make you know about the world’s strongest man!

History of the world’s strongest man competition :

The idea of this competition came from the thought to find out the strongest man in the world. So in 1997 IGM arranged this competition. From the very beginning, it is well known to all the people who love to hear about the strongest one.

Events of this World’s Strongest Man Competition

To satisfy your thrust we are just telling the name of the events-

Loading Race, McGlashen Stones / Atlas Stones, Vehicle Pull, Overhead Press, Fingal Fingers, Power Stairs, Squat, Dead Lift, Keg Toss, Weight Throw, Car Carry, Hercules Hold, Carry and Drag, Farmer’s Walk, Super Yoke, Husafell Stone, Duck Walk, Log Throw/ Caber toss, Tug of War, Pole Pushing, Crucifix, Giant Dumbbell Press, Basque Circle/Stone Circle/Conan’s Wheel, Norse Hammers, Circus Barbell

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