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Shahrukh’s daughter Suhana’s first short film released, see that movie

She is the daughter of Shahrukh King Khan’s daughter has the innate acting ability Suhana Khan made her appearance on the screen very naturally But not in Bollywood Suhana made her appearance in a foreign short film before stepping foot in B-Town And at the first sight, he won the hearts of the fans Suhana is going to be a long race horse all at once

Shah Rukh – daughter has recently worked on a short film. The picture is available on YouTube.

The teaser of the first short film starring Suhana Khan came out shortly before. The movie, called The Gray Part of Blue, was made by Suhana with her friends in England. The short film shows the tension in the relationship. The film tells the story of a road trip and how it is creating distance with loved ones at the end. Robin Gonnellas Grimpi plays the role of Suhana’s boyfriend.

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