Robi Jhotpot Emergency Service [All info]

Robi Jhotpot Emergency Service updated. Robi recently updated the system of Jhotpot Balance which also known as Emergency Balance. All the Robi Prepaid customers can get Emergency Balance amount, Talk Time and Data. While the customer can’t recharge their prepaid account instantly, then they can get Robi Jhotpot Emergency Balance.

The system to take Emergency Balance amount, Robi Emergency Minutes and Internet is available here. The customer can get as per their requirements.

Robi Jhotpot Emergency Balance Service details:

  • All eligible Robi prepaid customers can avail Jhotpot balance service up to Tk. 100
  • The customer can check your Eligibility by Dialing *8#
  • To avail the Jhotpot (Emergency) Balance, customer need to dial *123*007# (Free of Charge)
  • An SMS notification fee of BDT 2.00 (excluding VAT, SD & SC) is applicable for availing a loan of BDT 12 and above.
  • You can use this Jhotpot Balance amount for any voice calls and for any SMS
  • Purchased minutes (e.g. bundles) and other free bonuses will get priority in usage first than Jhotpot Balance.
  • The Jhotpot balance amount can be used at any time.
  • You will be able to check the Jhotpot Balance amount by dialing *1# or *222# (Free of charge).
  • You can check your Outstanding Balance (Balance that is not paid after taking Jhotpot Balance) by dialing *8# and then go to Account menu and Press 1 to check Outstanding Balance.
  • Product tariff and Pulse will be applicable on Jhotpot Balance.

The Price of Talk Time & Data Jhotpot Balance didn’t include by Robi. So, we are unable to inform you of these data currently. If you want to know these data, you need to contact Robi customer care any purpose to get a response shortly. Thank you again to be a visitor of Daily News Gallery.