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Residency Green Card will be available without sponsorship in Saudi Arabia

Residency Green Card in Saudi Arabia without any sponsor On Wednesday (May 15th) the Shura Council of Saudi Arabia approved the plan. Its aim is to attract foreign entrepreneurs and investors. Bangladeshis will also get the benefit of the citizens of different countries as well.

In order to attract foreign entrepreneurs and investors, a scheme named Privileged Akama System in Shura Council of Saudi Arabia was approved on Wednesday. Residency Green Card launches in Saudi Arabia without any sponsor.

If the new plan is implemented, then foreign skilled workers and businessmen will be able to enjoy the benefits. Expatriate Bangladeshi expatriate Bangladeshis to Expatriates say that the Saudi government is making green cards without sponsoring. It is a lot better for us. There will be more opportunities for expatriates who are doing business in Saudi Arabia.


A sponsor or employer’s permission is necessary for the residence permit in existing Akama system. However, the new system does not need these. But the fees for this facility will be fixed.


Residency Green Card will be provided in two categories. One is permanent and the other is temporary. For legal immigrants – credit cards, health cards, and passports. This facility is being offered in Saudi Arabia as part of the implementation of Vision 2030 of Saudi Prince of Muhammad bin Salman.



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