Reasons to Choose Nicotine-Free Vaping E-liquid

One of the main reasons people get into vaping is because they can consume nicotine without having to experience all of the health hazards associated with regular cigarettes such as lung cancer, the bad smell, and throat problems.

However, many people are finding it more advantageous to vape using nicotine-free juices; and science is on their side. Here are six major reasons why you should switch to non-nicotine e-juices

  1. Little risk of addiction

This one is a no-brainer. Nicotine is one of the most addictive chemicals we use.

Many people think that it’s only addictive if smoked, but that’s false. Nicotine is the same regardless of how you consume it. Studies have shown that prolonged use of e-liquids containing nicotine can lead to addiction to the chemical. If you would like to enjoy vaping without the risk of addiction associated with nicotine, visit a reputable e-liquid seller such a buyv2cigs.co.uk and you won’t regret it

  1. Nicotine-free e-Juice is non-toxic

Apart from nicotine, not-nicotine e-juices don’t have most of the harmful chemicals that come with nicotine-based e-juice. In fact, most nicotine-free vape juices are made entirely from food-grade ingredients meaning they are not only smooth on your body but also pose little toxicity risk.

Unless you are allergic to any ingredient in this type of e-juice, you can rest assured that by dumping nicotine, you are also avoiding most of the toxic chemicals that accompany it.

  1. It’s smoother on the throat

Did you know you can feel nicotine while you vape? It’s true, and it’s called “throat hit”.

Many describe it as a mild thump on the throat, but while many vapers claim to enjoy it, not everyone is okay with it. Some vapors crave something smooth on their throats, and that is what non-nicotine vape juices offer. You can enjoy flavor, warmth and vapor clouds without the throat irritation of “throat hit”.

  1. You enjoy stronger flavors

If you are into vaping because of the variety of flavors on offer, then you might want to avoid any e-juices that contain nicotine.

Nicotine has been known to dilute some flavors, meaning that regardless of the strength of the flavor, you will always experience them as mild flavors. This is irritating for some vapers and can be a huge win for them if they stick with non-nicotine vaping juices.

  1. Larger vape clouds

Cloud chasing is a common activity for vapers around the world. It involves trying to create the largest vapor clouds with every puff.

While both non-nicotine and nicotine-based e-juices can create vapor clouds, the former always outperforms the latter. The additive vegetable glycerin (VG) which facilitates turning of vape juice into vapor works well when there is little to no nicotine content.

If you’re chasing the clouds, you will almost always lose if you continue using vaping liquids that contain nicotine.

  1. Quit nicotine addiction

Apart from avoiding getting addicted to nicotine, non-nicotine e-liquids can also help you beat nicotine addiction. This is especially helpful when you are trying to quit smoking.

Although some people have had success with the cold-turkey cessation of all substances that contain nicotine, vaping is a better alternative that prevents nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Start with an e-liquid with a level of nicotine that you are comfortable with, then gradually move on to smaller amounts of nicotine until such a time when you can comfortably vape non-nicotine e-liquids.

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