ORII Price, Specs, Feature, Review, Launch date & Pre-book

ORII is the fastest way to send messages without a Screen. ORII is the world’s first voice-powered ring which transforms your hand into a Smartphone. With ORII ring, people can send text messages, voice calls, and use voice assistant. All of these tasks can do completely screen-free.

In this content, you will get all necessary information about ORII including its color, Feature, Price, and stock availability. Let’s check it from the below now.

ORII Price (Updated on May 2019):

The Price of ORII Ring is 199.00 USD which updated early of May 2019. It is now available everywhere (worldwide) on the Marketplace and Local Market of maximum countries). Three colors of ORII Ring is now available on Stock and one more will available soon (early on July 2019).

ORII Pre-book:

Many users are looking for this Smartphone Device currently online. The Device can pre-book for receiving it faster from others. You can pre-book now by clicking on the

. Just visit this link and follow the Instruction to purchase or Book the Product.

System of use ORII Ring:

  • A single press to wake up your favorite voice assistant.
  • Touch your ear to experience the magic of bone conduction audio.
  • The dual noise-canceling microphone can capture your voices even in a loud environment.

Key Features of ORII:

  • Custom Notification
  • Quick Call
  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice Assistant

ORII Full Specification:

  • Compatibility: Android 6.0 and above or iOS 11 and above
  • Battery: 50mAh Lithium Polymer battery
  • Charging: Charging time: 1hr, Charging method: micro USB cable, 5V, 100mA
  • Product technical specifications: Dual channel Bluetooth 4.2 and BLE
  • Water resistance: IPX7 water resistance (30 minutes under 1m of water)

A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone. You will receive a complete solution early when the Device will available.

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