Merry Christmas

How to Say Merry Christmas in Japanese? (Meri Kurisumasu)

Merry Christmas in Japanese: Meri Kurisumasu. What would Christmas be without Christmas decorations? Christmas trees, luminous decorations in the form of stars, bells, lights, gifts … cities look adorned with many lights and decorations for Christmas, in streets, houses, shops, parks, etc.

Maybe at home, the Japanese decorate less (and they do more with the New Year decorations), but in stores and public spaces, the Japanese are not far behind and set up authentic light and sound shows that they call Christmas illuminations and that is really impressive.

How to Say Merry Christmas in Japanese?

Merry Christmas: Meri Kurisumasu

One of the characteristics of Christmas is to get together with the family to celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St. Stephen’s Day … And the Japanese have also Japanized this tradition and made a habit of eating in the well-known Kentucky fried chicken chain Fried Chicken (yes, the KFC of a lifetime), which offers special Christmas menus.

They say that this new Japanese Christmas tradition emerged in 1974 because some foreigners went to the KFC for dinner on Christmas Eve since that was the only place where they could find the closest thing to the typical roast turkey Christmas in Japan. KFC quickly saw a reef and, with good marketing, it was now a tradition to have KFC chicken dinner on Christmas Eve.

People in Japan sweeten their Christmas celebration with a beautiful Christmas cake called, very originally, Christmas cake. This cloying cream and strawberry cake is bought and eaten on Christmas Day, December 25, and is especially important among couples in love.

Although the Japanese tradition has the Buddhist monk Hotei-Osho, one of the seven gods of good luck, who like Santa Claus gives gifts to children who have behaved well, the truth is that Santa Claus has won this race in recent years. Santa Claus is everywhere. From Doraemon, through the AKB48, the Kuidaore of Osaka or the Colonel of the KFC, everyone is dressed as Santa Claus to enjoy the Christmas spirit. In 2009, Osaka Great Santa Run began to become popular, a 4km charity race in which participants are dressed as Santa Claus.

Only 2% of Japanese are Christians, so despite their effort to Japanize Christmas, in Japan on December 25 is still not a holiday. So, it is normal to work during the day and go for a walk to see the Christmas lights and sound montages, maybe have dinner at the KFC or maybe at a good restaurant and finally eat the Christmas cake.

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