Merry Christmas

How to Say Merry Christmas in Polish? (Wesołych Świąt)

Merry Christmas in Polish: Wesołych Świąt. The holiday that occupies the most important place in the Polish tradition is Christmas. A special atmosphere is created on Christmas Eve and with that day most traditions, customs, and beliefs are related. Christmas is one of the most familiar Polish holidays. An important role in the creation of the Christmas atmosphere fulfills the decoration of the house.

In ancient Poland, Christmas was the day I had to decide on how it would be all year. We had to spend this day in agreement, with peace of mind and provide the greatest kindness. As today, from early dawn, the Christmas Eve dinner was prepared. All household chores were to be completed before the sun went down, before Christmas Eve dinner, which was and is until now, the most important moment in Christmas celebrations. The Christmas dinner, which traditionally begins with the appearance of the first star, is preceded by common prayer and the reading of a fragment of the Gospel about the birth of the child Jesus. Then, a wafer is divided, which is the sacred bread, as a gesture of conciliation, love, friendship, and peace. This is accompanied by mutual desires. This gesture of conciliation and peace is also made by Orthodox believers, dividing an unleavened bread during the Christmas dinner

How to Say Merry Christmas in Polish?

Merry Christmas: Wesołych Świąt

Polish Christmas dinner consists only of waking meals. Normally there are 12 dishes because that is the number of months of the year, or according to another interpretation, because that amount of apostles went with Jesus Christ. The quantity of dishes is rarely scrupulously counted. The more they are, the more prosperity there will be in the coming year. It is necessary to at least taste all the dishes. This ancient tradition has its origin in respect to the fruits of the earth and their food. After dinner, in many houses, they begin to sing among all the Christmas carols. Christmas Eve ends with the participation at midnight at the Mass of Gallo.

The current Christmas Eve dinner is quite abundant and varied. Often you take a mushroom soup or a beet soup with ravioli (mandatory with a mushroom stuffing), vigil dishes with cabbage (for example, cabbage with mushrooms or cabbage and mushroom ravioli), pasta balls with seeds of Poppy sweets, cakes, fruits, nuts, and other sweets, as well as compote of dried plums, pears, and apples. But the main course is fish. Polish cuisine is known for the different varieties of fish preparation: soups, herring salad, fish with cream sauce, baked, fried and cooked. A traditional dish is a carp or pike with a gravy sauce made of some vegetables, almonds, raisins, spices, and wine or beer. At the Christmas table, you can not miss cakes and desserts, especially a poppy seed cake, a honey alajú, and a dried fruit dessert with sweet poppy seeds, served with shortbread cookies. To the category of older dishes in Poland, belongs the so-called “kutia”, which is made of poppy seeds and wheat grated with honey. Its presence at the Christmas tables is a relic of the old rites, which pays tribute to the dead.


In Poland the day of St. Nicholas is celebrated on December 6, but they call it “Mikolaja”. Some relative disguises himself with the white beards and his typical red suit and visits the houses to leave the gifts to the children under the pillow.

How to Say Merry Christmas in Polish? (Wesołych Świąt)

How to Say Merry Christmas in Polish? (Wesołych Świąt)

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