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Merry Christmas Day 2020 Wishes, Messages, Images, GIFs & Quotes

Christmas day is a yearly Christian festival that marks the day of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Christians revere Jesus Christ and hence celebrate Christmas Day with fervor. It is believed that Jesus Christ died for the people so as to absolve them of their sins and to provide salvation. December 25 is celebrated as Christmas day across the world. It is a religious holiday for Christians and cultural holidays for others. Christmas s the most important festival for Christians followed by Easter Sunday and Good Friday. The name ‘Christmas’ has been derived from ‘Mass of Christ’ which is the mass service offered to Christ for the remembrance of his sacrifice.

Celebrations for Christmas start way before the actual day. The first part called ‘Advent’ starts from the Sunday four weeks before December 25 i.e. a total of four Sundays and four weeks are celebrated in the anticipation of the arrival of Jesus. This time is very important for Churches where Advent signifies the beginning of Liturgical year. Liturgy is public worship offered by a religious group. Advent is marked with advent wreaths, colors ( purple, pink, and white), prayers, fasting and more. Typically, Advent starts on December 1 and ends on December 24.

The second part starts from December 25 and extends to January 5, the twelfth day of Christmas. This is called Christmastide. Its duration is of twelve days so it is also known as ‘Twelvetide’. It is the time of celebration of the ‘Nativity of Jesus’. Christmastide is a very important time as many celebrations take place in this time period. These are starting from December 25 is Christmas day, December 26 is St. Stephen’s Day, December 28 as Childermas, December 31 as New Year’s Eve, January 1 as New Year’s Day and January 5 as Epiphany Day which marks the end of Christmas celebrations.

People wish each other Merry Christmas which is very special as the word ‘Merry’ is associated only with Christmas day wishes and not for any other Christian festivals. The word ‘Merry’ means joy and happiness. Christmas is also referred to as Xmas.

History of Christmas Day

There is no record of the exact date of the birth of Christ. There were many debates and discussions throughout history in an attempt to pinpoint the exact date. The date of December 25 has been decided based on many factors and stories. The main reason is that the Europeans used to celebrate the Winter Solstice which marked the end of Winter and the arrival of Spring. The Sun was worshipped as the conqueror of Winter. The Scandinavians celebrated the return of the sun after a long winter as Yuletide which is again Winter Solstice. Jews celebrate ‘Hanukkah’ around the same time marking the resumption of their worship rituals after being deprived of it for many years.

Romans celebrated Winter Solstice as Saturnalia.

Another popular Christian theory is that Mary was foretold that she will give birth to Jesus. The date of conception of Jesus is considered as of March 25 which means he was supposed to be born after nine months on December 25. Many believe that Spring Equinox ( March 20 ) the world was created, just four days before Jesus’s conception.

This December 25 came to be recognized as the date of birth of Jesus.

The story of the birth of Jesus is told in the form of Gospels. It is said that an angel told his parents Mary and Joseph that they will be blessed with a boy who is ‘The Holy One’. His parents traveled to Bethlehem on orders of the Romans and stayed in a stable as there was no other place for them to go. Jesus was born in the stables. It is said that the ‘Three Wise Men’ were informed about the birth of Jesus by an angel and they reached the stable with numerous expensive gifts. It is said that a new star appeared in the sky when Jesus was born. Many followed this new star that magically appeared in the sky and followed it to reach the birthplace of Jesus.

Merry Christmas Day 2020

Christmas day falls on Wednesday this year. Christmas day celebrations occur on a grand scale across the world. There are many elements associated with Christmas festivities. Some of them are –

Christmas Tree

Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas tree. This conical-shaped tree with a uniform structure is ideal for decoration. It is often adorned with beautiful balls, shimmering lights, fake snow, glittering ribbons and bows, toys with a reindeer near it. Many new innovative ideas have taken the place of traditional decoration in recent years and 2020 is no different. We have electrical candles, family photos, candies and flowers that can be put on the trees. Some people are now ditching the tree and going for different ideas of building a tree. Balls stacked in a conical shape to look like a Christmas tree. Stack of cards arranged in a conical shape to look like a Christmas tree etc.


No Christian festival is devoid of candles. Candles are an integral part of celebrations as well as worship. Many beautiful varieties of candles with different shapes, scents, colors, and effects are available in the market. DIY kits are available to make them at homes.

Welcoming Santa

How can we forget Santa Claus? Every child’s dream is to receive their favorite gifts from Santa. This tradition is being kept alive as it is the most favorite part of celebrations for kids. The old ‘ Hanging Sock’ is being replaced with different ideas as parents are coming up with innovative ideas to surprise their kids like treasure hunts/solving puzzles for gifts.


The one aspect of the festival everyone enjoys irrespective of age is delicious food. Traditionally prepared by mothers, now the whole family participates in making a meal which strengthens family bonds which is actually the purpose of celebrating a festival. This way all can appreciate the sacrifice and hard work parents put in for providing for their kids.

Community Celebrations

On the societal level, Christmas has more to it than decoration and feasts, It is time to meet and greet each other. Christmas being a public holiday facilitates meetings and celebrations as a group. Christmas in recent years has updated from a close group celebration and people are organizing parties where all can celebrate Christmas together. The food here is organized as a potluck which makes it easy for the host and everyone to get the satisfaction of being involved. It is a great opportunity to showcase cooking skills!

Among the youth traveling to a popular destination as a group, trekking, and camping to a place to celebrate Christmas has become a rage. This activity breaks the monotonicity of celebrating Christmas at the same place every year.

Visiting a Church

The Churches celebrate Christmas on a whole new level. Christmas is the best time of the year at Church. Special services, Christmas Carols, midnight mass are all enjoyable as well as a way for parents to teach their kids the traditions associated with Christmas and how they have evolved with the passage of time.

Merry Christmas Images 2020

Earlier days greeting cards were sent to wish people for Christmas day. Now phones have increasingly replaced greeting cards as they are more fast and reliable. You can be sure of your wishes reaching your loved ones as opposed to a greeting card getting lost in the mail. Many people prefer wishing Merry Christmas by sending SMS. It has been a popular way to wish for special occasions as you can reach your friends and family far away. You can send a simple text message or an image by phone but sending Merry Christmas images has become more popular these days. thanks to social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Images are expressive and no doubt creative. Not only through phones, but you can send Christmas images also through social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter as these are becoming highly popular ways of connecting with numerous people.

Many images are available online for you to choose from. These images are filled with Santa Claus, reindeers, sled, candles, lights, Christmas trees, Church, families and kids, and every other thing associated with the festivities. Images have more impact than simple text messages as people tend to get attracted to visuals. Bright images filled with wonderful colors, joyous festivities, and smiling faces tend to make one happy. Sharing Merry Christmas images with your loved ones adds extra joy to the celebrations.

Merry Christmas Wishes 2020

There is no other beautiful way of conveying emotions on Christmas day than quoting a perfect wish to your loved ones. A Christmas wish has that magic.

Words woven intricately into meaningful phrases dripping with love are the best way to lighten up their mood and fill their hearts with joy.

Wishing someone Merry Christmas through ‘Christmas wishes’ has been popular even before phones were available. Greeting cards

were ( and still are ) a popular way of sending Christmas wishes. These cards are filled with beautiful Merry Christmas wishes. These days sending wishes through a phone has become popular as it is a very fast way to convey messages. You can reach your friends and family who are very far away from you. In this digital world, you can personalize your wishes before sending them. There are various quotes and messages available on the internet that you can download or type and save on your phone. Various apps are also available for smartphones that allow you to personalize your message by adding some images ( Ex- Flowers, gift boxes, banners ) and colors to your Christmas wishes. Each app has some unique features that may appeal to you.

Besides text messages, you also have emojis to express your Christmas wishes in a more dramatic way. SMS app on phone has many emojis, some basic ones like smiling face, laughing face to more advanced ones. Here WhatsApp plays a major role. WhatsApp has introduced a myriad of emojis. Any emotion you want to express, you have an emoji for it. Emojis showing Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Snowman, Reindeer, Cake, Gifts, Socks, Celebrations you name it, you have it. Emojis have become popular to convey Christmas wishes than text messages as they convey more than a text message ever could. They appear more appealing than simple text.

Various social media platforms also are customized to send Christmas wishes in the most beautiful ways. You can edit a message according to your wish before posting it on the platform. You can post it with public access or can send the wishes in a private message to an individual.

Some popular Christmas wishes are –

May the fragrance of faith, the blossom of joy, and the glow of peace always be there with you. Wishing you a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Merry Christmas GIFs 2020

Earlier basic phones allowed sending simple text messages for wishing Merry Christmas. Some phones even had basic colorless picture messages to wish for various occasions. Next with the arrival of smartphones came images that were very vibrant, colorful, and contained various designs that became popular soon.

Nowadays, the next versions of these images are available which are popularly known as GIFs. GIFs are in rage among almost all age groups. GIF adds more vibrancy and color to simple images. A GIF is a combination of both animated and static images. The advantage of GIF over the static image is that we can add various effects that can convey our wishes and messages in a better way. For example, a Christmas tree gif will show lights glowing on it. We can have a gif where Santa Claus is shown riding on a sleigh, going across the sky or a group of people saying ‘ Merry Christmas’ and there are fireworks in the background, etc. No doubt, with all these advanced features GIFs, have become popular means of communication among the masses.

You can use GIFs on various platforms and not just on the phone, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter.

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